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    I know we live in a world where the writer is the most undervalued member of the team, but there are many who know the appeal of a well-written piece. While all aspects of the production are important, it's the story that has to bring the other elements together in harmony. Even the crowd who wants to be titillated will remember a story that doesn't cut it. Been doing this for 10 years, seen and learned a lot.

    I am involved in a few projects (here's one I can show off), but can make time for more without sacrificing quality. Samples can be sent upon email request.

    I've been VAing almost as long as wordsmithing. I like the deep-voiced parts, but can get higher if the part demands.

    Look me up with the details if you want to work together!
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    Hey Qan,

    I am currently working on a game set in a post-apocalyptic setting. I need some feed back and ideas. I'm not really a writer and my creativity gets limited when trying to design all the intricacies of a detailed world.
    Back-stories, characters, lore, actual towns, quest lines and unique locations, to me, need to be very thought out. I need the player to care about the world and people in the world. So, again any help, ideas, comments, critiques, advice is all welcomed.

    About the game:


    Mad Max
    The Postman
    The Road

    The Elder Scrolls series (immersive worlds)
    The Fallout series (Post-apoca. setting, immersive world)
    Metro (story telling)
    Sanctuary RPG (text based RPG)
    Mass Effect series (characters, story, dialog)

    This game is a text-based rpg with a heavy dose of exploration and story telling. The player will be playing in a first person perspective.
    The game world area is the size of a county (5 - 7 towns with some locations in between). It is a few decades after a large disaster struck and wiped out 95% of the worlds population.

    The Region:
    The region is in the south west United States. Desolate and hot, with some areas being completely arid and some being decently covered in desert flora. The terrain is some what rocky and mountainous with vast planes in between. It is believed that there is no habitable location beyond the county, just hundreds of square miles of bare tanish-amber sand. Those who venture out beyond the county, seeking another society, are never seen again.

    The People:
    The folk are mostly just trying to make the best of what they have. They try to live peacefully and engage in trade and services. Yet, there are some who are not so peaceful. The county is run by a dictator like figure who has control over the few wells the are in the area. Bosses who have allegiance to the dictator, usually run the individual towns/wells.
    There are also deformed hill people, cannibals, bandits, cults, and a biker gang known as "The Chaos Squad".

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