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    Hi there,

    I am looking for a new professional challenge and would like to apply for the position of writer /screenwriter /narrative designer in your company.

    The last six months I have worked for Cherrypick Games S.A. on the project “My Beauty Spa: Stars & Stories”.

    It is a game for mobile devices in which the player is asked to manage the luxury Spa complex. The fun is built on such features as expanding the facility, developing newer, ecological cosmetics and establishing relationships with employees by responding to their troubles, fears and everyday joys.

    My task was to prepare (in English) the story of the game, which consists of 118 chapters telling about romance, meetings with celebrities, family problems, passions and worries of the characters.

    Apart from that, I wrote over 300 so-called small-talks that are short conversations between the customers and Spa employees.

    The premiere of the game is scheduled for November 1, 2018.

    A document presenting my work on this project is available at https://sszymczyk.wordpress.com/projekty-komercyjne/ under the link: “My Beauty Spa Stars and Stories (2018)”.

    Before that, for almost two and a half years I worked on the scenario for a computer game “Trisect” funded by PlayWay SA.

    “Trisect” takes the player into the world of an alternative vision of the '70s, in which World War II never took place, and humanity invested time and energy into the development of new inventions. Cold fusion, brain transplants, and teleportation are a norm, while Bee Gees are at the top of music charts, and bells pants and bushy sideburns are fashionable.

    Inside the scientific-industrial complex constructed in Antarctica, the player takes a fascinating journey through the maze of futuristic laboratories, industrial halls, offices, and residential apartments. He or she must use the power of intellect to unravel a series of logical puzzles that touch on mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biology.

    In the background of the game’s events, three rival corporations fight to rule over the world. The biologized system of the base seeks its own existence, and an unsuccessful experiment threatens the emergence of a Black Hole.

    Extensive fragments of the script that I created are available at https://sszymczyk.wordpress.com/projekty-komercyjne/ under the link: “Trisect (2017)”

    I am also the author of a crime-adventure novel “Rijoca – Kompleks Pigmaliona”. It tells the story of a pair of international thieves who decide to rob the former SS commander from an expensive chess set, made of human bones. Their rivals are the mysterious agents of the CIA, the Mossad, the mysterious InterNO (i.e. International Nichilist Organization), the enemy within their own gang (Rat’s Crew), stupidity and … love.

    Full of spicy humor, the story goes from the medieval dungeons of Wroclaw through Brno, Paris, Larnaka to sunny Barbados. It is available to read at https://sszymczyk.wordpress.com/proza/ under the link: “Rijoca - Kompleks Pigmaliona (2015)”.

    Besides that, I wrote minor literary forms like poems, short stories, theater plays or press articles. My latest work - a theater play “Kapuś” touches the problems of growing up and becoming an adult.

    In Czechoslovakia in 1969, everyone talks about a big hockey game against the team of the Soviet Union. This is a great opportunity to protest against the brutal invasion from the previous year.

    The main character, Drahoslav, wants to match his father in martyrdom and, in the eyes of thousands of viewers, make an act of self-immolation. Will this heroic act finally make him an adult? Jesus Christ also hesitated, although his spectacular suicide made him Elvis Presley of religion …

    You can read the play here: https://sszymczyk.wordpress.com/dramat/

    I will be more than happy to discuss with you any writer vacancies you may have or take part in designed by you test task.

    My CV and the reference letter from my last recent employer are available here: https://sszymczyk.wordpress.com/cv/

    Thank you for your time.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Stefan Szymczyk

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