Which Engine do you guys Recommend ?

Discussion in 'Indie Basics' started by KidCurry, Oct 18, 2018.

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    • I want to make a 2D game like legend of Zelda the minish cal and moonlighter with a story, puzzles, dungeons, and bosses. And which engine should I use? I was thinking about using game maker studio but I heard that it doesn’t look good on your resume applying for a job at a game company. I want to know which engine is the best to use for this job and the best one that will help me get a job. Also I was wondering if I make a 2D game will it help me get a job making a 3D game because most games today are in 3D.
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    First of all about the Game Maker part: I personally didn't think much about it at first, but even using this tool you can create really good results (Check out HyperLightDrifter). Reference-projects are always nice when you apply for a job and to get into things I'm sure GM is a good start.

    The jump from 2D to 3D isn't really a jump from an engineer's point of view. Unity in 2D mode still uses the 3D-renderer so it's not a huge factor. Mostly dimensional calculations change a bit... This is not about art assets though! But I really recommend you going for 2D looks first.

    If applying for jobs is very important for you there is an answer: Unity. That's it! It's used so often it's insane and you find stuff about in anywhere...

    I use a lot of Unity at my university even though I originally came from Godot. If you want really good 2D and 3D support you can try Godot as well because I think it's very newcomer-friendly. But again: Same goes for Unity...
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    Ok, so as far as employers are concerned, the fact that you MADE a game in your free time is far more valuable than milling about staring at Unity or Unreal for a few hours.

    Gamemaker is an incredible tool and anyone who knows what they're doing won't shoot it down as an amazing choice for 2D game development. No, its not AAA but having spoken to people hiring in the industry, a finished game speaks BITS about your employability. GameMaker or nah, just make the game where you feel comfortable.

    Obviously Unity has the pro of going straight to 3D but when you're making your first games in both engines, the transition between them isn't a hard one. And I would argue that most games today are not 3D. Most are 2D because they're a lot cheaper to make than 3D. You'll see the few really big 3D games every year but the thousands of 2D ones that go un-noticed is insane. Personally, my favourite games are 2D (im playing Hollow Knight atm).

    TLDR: GameMaker is amazing. Just make a game. Don't worry about '2D not being employable' IT IS :)

    PS: If you want to use GameMaker, look up a guy on youtube called HeartBeast he's honestly brilliant

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