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    I've been solo working on a video game in Unity for about 2 years now. The game uses the SRD for D&D 5th edition: https://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/systems-reference-document-srd. It plays a fair bit like the old gold box games (tiles and turn based combat) only with no exploration - the game gives the players a series of plot dialogues interspersed with battles and skill challenges.


    The game is more or less complete as far as I've planned it. I might want something more elaborate for when a player actually completes that game rather than just returning them to the title screen. I have some ideas about building a dungeon exploration mode but I kind of want to see if this game will sell to begin with.

    The main points I need to address now are as follows:

    1. Testing. I've played through the game 3 times now and each time I find a bunch of small bugs or tweaks I need to implement. Actual game stopping bugs are pretty few and far between now. I figure I need to have some beta testers looks at it although I'm not sure how to go about recruiting any.
    2. Graphics. Most of the graphics I've implemented came via Humble Bundle sales. Some others came from online resource stores (Unity asset store & GameDevMarket). Many of the spell effects for the game are ones I've had to develop for myself, primarily by coding since I'm not a graphics artist. As such, the spell effects are somewhat hit and miss. Some of the monsters don't really look quite right either - I was sourcing images from two different graphics bundles.
    3. Publishing. I've been thinking of trying to get Humble Bundle to publish the game (seems fair, a lot of the graphics and sound came from their sales). Part of their application form for publishing asks for a website for the game. I don't have one. I'm working on this game alone so any website I build will also be a one person effort and my attitude towards UI and website design is somewhat spartan. If anything I'd be looking for the publisher to help build a website for my game, not the other way around.
    4. Costs and price points. Humble Bundle also ask about how much of a budget I'd need to finish the game and how much I'd expect to sell it for. I've no idea on either front, I figure they'd be in the best position to determine the latter.
    5. Credits. I need to give credit to the music and graphics artists who's work I've used etc. Since a lot of these came from Humble Bundle it might be a little tricky without their help.

    So I'm not sure what to do to progress further. Try to hire some artists using what funds I have available? Try to build a website and submit the game to Humble Bundle? Look for a different publishers? Try to self publish? Try to join an existing development team or recruit one by myself?

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