What are the market tendencies for price?

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    I need to develop a Demo for my project, and I can't find any sort of competent consistent graphic artist out of the freelance mecanism, so I will make sure I have a way to pay for the development of the Demo, and have the game pay itself aterwards.

    On a regular base, researching for price will lead for a price per time, but says nothing about productivity, so I can't know about price per production, which is what matters for the case.

    So I have no idea how much it would cost for development of the art.

    The game will consist on 2D art, mostly 8 bit and some 16 bit sprites, in Undertale style.

    All the characteristics and personalities for all the characters are already developed and described through words in a 1-3 pages document.

    All the overworld sprites requirements for maps are also described.

    The Demo for the project will require:

    (Summary: 20 16-bit sprites
    264 8-bit sprites
    9 8-bit scenarios)

    Development of the image for 4 characters in 16 bits, through two combat animations described.
    Reduction of the image developed for these characters, to 8 bit overworld sprites. All with walking animation (3 sprites) in 8 directions. None of them is entirely copied, but the cost of making a new sprite is not the same as making the first. I myself made a 24 sprites sheet in less than 3 hours, it's obviously not expected to take more. Only the first sprite took over one hour.
    Development of 8 bit sprites for 3 other characters, according to personality requirements described. (8 directions, walking animation, running animation for two of them)
    Development of 8 bit sprites in 3 directions for 8 secondary characters, these are more generic. For 7 of them, walking animation, animation for standing up from sitting position (hurt).
    Scenario sprites for the insides of a house.
    Scenario sprites for a small village. (Around 2x the size of Pallet town)
    Scenario sprites for a route from the village to a forest.
    Scenario sprites for a route from the village to a dark cathedral.
    Scenario sprites for a school consisting in two rooms, one backyard and one jail cell.

    I need to know more or less the average cost for production.
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