Wanted: 2D artist, Sound designer, Tester (iOS game)

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  1. lukevanin

    lukevanin New Member

    Jun 8, 2017
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    Hello, my name is Luke. I am an iOS software engineer by profession, and I make games in my spare time. Here is a video of a prototype I made recently:

    If this inspires you, and you would like to be a part of making this into a great experience, please get in touch. The team needs:
    - 2D artist and/or animator
    - Sound designer and/or musician
    - Gameplay and testing

    This is a collaborative team of peers. Each person will be wholly responsible for the their role. Each person will equally influence and contribute to the overall experience, with their unique insights in their area of expertise. Each person will be credited equally in the app, and on the App Store.

    The sound, graphics and gameplay should follow a consistent style and theme. The exact style will depend on the team competencies and experience. My personal preference would be to make a relaxing experience, using watercolor artwork (Old Man's Journey), simple string and wind instrumental music, and basic foley sound effects. Alternatives could be clean vectors (Snakebird), surreal (Monument Valley), retro (Shovel Knight), or cartoony (Angry Birds).

    The goal is to build a small game to a high standard, in a way that is realistically achievable. The finished game will be available on the App Store for free (I am a registered Apple developer). The plan is not to make money, but to build skills and experience, to get the next bigger project (i.e. paid gig, internship, KickStarter). I intend to release the source code free into the public domain at the end of the project, excluding the artwork and other assets. You can decide for yourself if you would like your contribution to be public domain, or kept proprietary.

    I have some $$ (not a lot) to fund some things like software and assets if necessary.


    Q: Who are you anyway?
    A: I am an iOS software engineer, living in South Africa. I mainly build apps for business including: finance, retail, social media, ebooks, and casino gaming. I like to build iOS games in my spare time. I have been coding for 20 years (15 years professionally). See my LinkedIn for some example of stuff I have worked on (https://www.linkedin.com/in/lukevanin/)

    Q: Why are you doing this?
    A: I am not in this to make a profit. I am doing this for self edification, and to create a masterpiece to add to my portfolio to generate future work, which will hopefully entail more fun game development, and fewer boring business apps. I have found throughout my career the value in having a credible portfolio of prior work that is of outstanding quality.

    Q: Why should I do this?
    A: If you do not have the time or skills to write code, this would be a good way to showcase your talents in a live product. Admittedly snarky conmen try to use this tactic to con poor artists into doing work for free, while the conman makes all the profit. I have been there and felt the pain of falling for that. This is not that. Having a reference of work shows employers your skill in terms they can see and understand, which makes it easy for them to hire you.

    On the other hand if you are a seasoned industry veteran, and have created games professionally, and would still like to work on this lowly endeavor, then a monetization / revenue sharing plan may be appropriate.

    Q: How long do I have to decide?
    A: If interested, please reply before Friday 16th June.

    Q: I shan't / can't work on your game, but I have a suggestion and/or comment.
    A: Fire away.

    Q: Can I play the prototype?
    A: Yes, please do! Send me your email address and I will add you to iTunesConnect and invite you onto TestFlight.

    Q: Why does the demo look so pathetic?
    A: Um, thanks mate. I'll go cry in a corner now. The demo is just a launch point to explain an idea, without using a billion words. Who has time for that.

    Q: How does the game work?
    A: The game is a single-player, casual, non-violent, 2D balloon "flight simulator". Fly around and collect all the gems to complete the level. If you hit an enemy, the enemy dies and you lose a life. Pick up hearts to restore life.

    Q: Does the game have a name yet?
    A: I have reserved "Sunny Skies". Suggestions are open.

    Q: You seem like you're far away, how is this going to work?
    A: Everyone will communicate on Slack, and use Trello, GitHub, or BitBucket, for source control, issue tracking, and project planning. You will always have access to the app and source code to download, play with, and show your friends. If you do not have an iPhone or Mac I can send you screen recordings. This is a relatively small project so management overhead should be minimal, if everyone is self motivated.

    Q: Your game idea is a bit silly, and I have a much better idea.
    A: I'm all ears. Not literally. I also have a head, shoulders, knees, and toes. (that's a dad joke) I am interested in hearing your idea.

    Q: What still needs to be done on the game to finish it?
    A: Everything. The video illustrates the game mechanic, but the game itself still needs to be built. The following tasks still need to be done:
    - All graphics and animations. Currently it's using Kenny.nl assets which, while excellent, are not great for a finished product.
    - All sound. Currently uses random sounds found all over the internet.
    - Music: Suggest finding creative commons music. You can create the music if you're feeling ambitious. I would suggest doing this last.
    - More enemy types. Currently has one enemy to test with. More enemies will make the game more fun and challenging.
    - More goals. Currently has one goal, collect all the gems. More goals would make the game more engaging.
    - Levels. Currently auto-generates levels. The game should be kept small to be realistic, probably more than 3 levels, but no more than 10. Levels should be easy to create. The point of the project not to reinvent a genre, just make an entertaining experience.
    - Trophies / Achievements.
    - More things!!?!

    Q: How long is it going to take to make this game?
    A: Preferably one month or less. Not more than three months.

    Q: What happens if this game gets, like, 3 million downloads?
    A: Add a paid expansion? Ride the wave and create another game? Who knows? Let's make a simple but nice version 1, then dream big.
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  2. SallyTheSeabird

    SallyTheSeabird New Member

    Feb 5, 2017
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    I'm a composer and I'd be interested in working with you. Below is an example of my work. My email is: aolivar139@gmail.com if you like what I got.

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  3. Aramisound

    Aramisound New Member

    Jun 8, 2017
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    Cool, I like the prototype! Sounds like this could be an interesting project to work on.
    I'm definitively interested in hearing more about your project.
    If you are interested in connecting with me,
    please email me at: silvereke@icloud.com

    You can check out some of my compositions here: https://soundcloud.com/aramissilvereke

    For this project I definitively see the music being lighter and more calm as you described it. Maybe with a touch of the guitar and strings in this piece:

    Thank you!

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  4. jamieskeen79

    jamieskeen79 New Member

    Jun 15, 2017
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    Hello Luke, I think we are in a "similar boat" or we are walking a similar path. I am a composer and sound designer looking for some interesting projects I can use for experience and for my portfolio. Here is a link to my website and offers some deeper background.



    All the best and hope the game turns out amazing!!

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