{VOLUNTEERS} needed for ambitious nonprofit fighting game project!

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    So long story short, my colleagues and I are searching for anyone who would be interested in helping us with an ambitious fighting game project.

    The project is essentially a nonprofit, crossover fighting fan-game with an immense cast of characters that originate from all forms of media such as comics, manga, video games, movies, cartoons, et cetera. This idea was brought to light after my buddies and I realized how different our interests were in terms of what forms of media we liked, which caused me to search for a way to bring them all into a form of media that tons of people can, and already do, enjoy — A FIGHTING GAME!

    The proposed layout is a 3D, 1v1 fighting game (with a 3v3 tag team option), with the standard health bars, energy gauges, etc. Although, we do have some unique touches we’d like to implement.

    Our main goal for this game is to bring all sorts of communities and fandoms together by allowing fans to duke it out as their favorite characters from pretty much anywhere. As a huge nerd myself, I find it heartwarming to imagine the near endless amount of possible matchups that could occur.

    To put it simply, we are looking for anyone who is willing to help, regardless of your level of experience or area of expertise. Anyone with knowledge in programming, art, sound, animation, writing, and everything in between is more than welcome to join our team. Even simple gamers are welcome!

    If you’re interested at all, shoot me a message and I’ll explain everything in absolute detail. I hope to hear from you.

    Have a good one!

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