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    Nov 28, 2016
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    Ben Tristam, one of Udemy's top instructors, is running a kickstarter for a complete course on how to create a working RPG in Unity. There are only 5 days left in the campaign, and it has already been funded and the first stretch goal reached! Here is a list of the included content that comes with the course:

    • Character progression stats, levels, etc.
    • Quests event systems, UI, story.
    • Inventory & pickups including UI, weight, space, etc.
    • Combat feel, tuning, ranged and melee.
    • Narrative & dialog that affects gameplay
    • SFX and music design and mixing.
    • Modular level design and building.
    • Play tuning and testing.
    • Art style management.
    • Lean production processes & mindset.
    • Achievements.
    • Opening and looting chests.
    • Basic crafting system, combing items to make a new one.
    • Level streaming.
    • How to optimise graphics.
    • Inventory system / weapon and armour switching.
    • Resource gathering.
    • Steam (steam controller / KB mouse).
    • Saving progress.
    • Making the code/prefabs as modular and reusable as possible.
    • Detailed Character stats like armour rating.
    • Various weapons, armour/clothes & special items.
    • Enemy AI (detecting/ seeing character, fighting methods, idle actions, alert/suspicious actions, player detected actions).
    • Simple quests & progress tracking.
    • Non-weapon items (like a claw shot in zelda, or flute, etc).
    • Level design.
    • Shops / stores to buy and sell goods <= new
    • XP / Levelling-up
    • Special attacks
    • Healing
    • Fluent transitions when loading.
    • In-game menu with pause.
    • Options including volume, control mapping.
    • At least one town with a store to sell your loot.
    • Fast travel between locations on world map.
    • Pathfinding to point on ground for player and NPCs.
    • Doors & keys.
    • Basic day / night cycle.
    • Loot drops from killed enemies.
    • Saving: player initiated, and new area auto-saves.
    • Different character classes allowing to distribute points.
    • Easter Eggs - because people love 'em.
    • Game updates and how to distribute them.
    The next stretch goal trying to be reached is for making your unity game look just as good as an unreal game out of the box by utilizing post-processing procedures. After that, there is a stretch goal for full character customization, which can still be reached with community support!

    This course is for intermediate coders. He does offer a great beginner course! As a matter of fact, one of the pledges for the kickstarter campaign is the beginner bundle (Approx $62). That bundle includes his courses for: Complete Blender Course (Great for those aspiring artists! Takes you from 0 knowledge to proficient in Blender), Complete Unity Developer (An amazing beginners course! You learn to make 2D and 3D games even if you have no prior coding knowledge), and the Unity Certification courses (Helps you through the Unity certification test).

    The instructors for these courses are amazing, and I am posting this to show my support for them and what they are trying to do by giving back to the community and teaching future developers!

    Your Dream RPG - Make A Complete Role Playing Game In Unity
  2. Phillips Game Design

    Nov 28, 2016
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    Last notification! 51 hours left to go and boy did they give bonus perks to those willing to help the project hit its next stretch goal! Here was today's changes:
    • Added a £29 (about $37) pledge section for early course access
    • Took the current £50,000 pledge of making a Unity game look like Unreal with post processing, and gave it to us! In exchange, They took what was the £75,000 of complete character customization and moved it up! So if the stretch goal is reached, they are giving us that!
    At the time of this post, we currently are sitting at $59,816 which puts us only $3,057.75 needed for the final goal! Thank you to all of those who have supported this class, and a huge thank you to anyone who helps us reach the final goal!


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