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    About CaveBear

    CaveBear is a small indie development team formed in 2014 with the common objective of producing games that are fun to make and play. Every member of the team has relative experience or talent with regards to his or her role. We run a friendly yet dedicated team.

    We currently consist of around 5 members though we need to expand to fill the current skills gap.

    None of us are being paid for this project yet. If we produce a product that we can market on platforms such as Steam Greenlight, then members who remain on the project will be payed for their work fairly and equally.

    We want people who are passionate about producing a product of high quality and inputting on a variety of levels outside their role. If you can't commit to this project and aren't serious about working with us, then this may not be for you.

    We’re always learning and appreciate any input people may have on the project.

    For the projects intellectual safety, we have not included all the fine details regarding the project or project management. This will be fully disclosed when we feel the time is right with new applicants.

    About Pioneer

    Pioneer is a medieval realistic survival game. Players are dumped into an undiscovered island. Each Island a unique, different land. climates, flora and fauna. when the players take their first steps it'll be dangerous, but over time and the forming of friendships. they will be able to call this new land there own, but get too complacent and another settlement of players may seek to take control of all that they've built. Washed up with little resources, players will have to work hard to forge this new life for themselves.


    The player is responsible for his/her vitals, their health, thirst and stamina; all of which will affect how the player plays the game, these parameters will affect the player’s movement speed and how effective they can use equipment, and also change how their character looks.
    dehydration could show dried lips and increase the stamina cost of attacking or running.

    Crafting tools from gathered resources will allow the player to construct their own buildings in which to live in or fortify.

    Weather and the Environment will play a large part in Pioneer, with players being affected by rain storms, lightning, tidal patterns and a day/night cycle.

    We initially hope to allow up to 40 players to play on a large expansive terrain, with this number being expanded after testing.


    We’re using Unreal Engine 4 to create this project. not only for it’s easy workflow, but also for it’s impressive graphical capabilities, we want to put players into realistic environments, the trees, animals and ores will be found in areas you’d expect to find them in real life, we want to push people to explore and not just find a safe place to live day by day, which you can but wouldn’t it be nice to live day by day in a house overlooking a beautiful vista?

    To be able to present our world the way we imagine it, we’ll need detailed models, beautiful textures, fantastical land with roaming hills, imposing mountains, foreboding caves and dynamic weather, beautiful yet terrifying at times.

    Project Management

    We’ve learnt a lot since we started this project last year. We arent game developers by trade, so this is a learning journey for us. We started off wanting to make a game with no clue on how to manage a game development project.
    Since then we now have a Game Design Document, a Project Plan, project management and version control in place.

    Changing over from Unity, we have recently purchased our own server to start the main collaborative Pioneer project in Unreal Engine 4.

    If you're interested or would like to know more contact me at any of the following

    Skype: sparkswattson
    Email: sam@cavebear.co.uk
    Website: http://www.cavebear.co.uk/recruitment/

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