Theta Legion - a pixel-art 3D shooter/Doom-like - business questions

Discussion in 'Feedback Requests' started by luxregina, Feb 3, 2019.

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    Feb 3, 2019
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    Theta Legion is a retro FPS that will play a lot like Doom/Quake. You are impersonating a member of a Space Foreign Legion sent to investigate planets and space stations and clear all the threats you may encounter. The game will be divided in several missions, taking place in various environments, pitting you against many different enemies.

    Visually, Theta Legion is a ultra-low poly game that uses pixel-art textures. It takes cues from my last popular game, Lost Outpost> and will share some levels with it.

    I am currently the sole person working on it, except for a sound designer that I'm contracting... So I take care of everything: code, art, design, etc.


    For those of you that have an Oculus Go, there is a VR version that you can grab for free >

    It's not as "pretty" as the PC version, because we had to seriously optimize and compromise for mobile VR, but hey, it's free [​IMG]

    As far as next steps go:

    - I am aiming at a Steam PC (non-VR) release Q2 2019 with 5 overhauled levels
    - All levels have been redone for the PC version and are significantly larger than their VR counterparts
    - I added a new "underground" level and new enemy types
    - Most of the lighting will see a significant increase in quality in the PC version
    - Replacing the laser heavy gun by a shotgun and considering a rocket launcher
    - Once the 5 level steam build is up (most likely around $1.99 or 2.99) I'm considering launching a Kickstarter to try to fund the game furthermore (additional levels and multiplayer)

    I'm not much of a coder, so I'm doing everything I can for now, hoping to raise some funds to be able to hire a dev to help me with the harder features, such as multiplayer, etc...

    - Would you buy a short game to support a dev?
    - Should the game be labeled early access on steam?
    - What do you guys think of realeasing a small playable on steam then having a kickstarter to support an increased scope for the game? (of course, bakers would get a free key)

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    I enjoyed watching the gameplay video, nice old school look similar to HD version of System Shock.

    When it gets a multiplayer mode, perhaps due to mostly horizontal layout (unlike Quake) and low polycount,
    maps can be larger than in any other game? (player count too). Needs a killer game mode that is even more fun than battle royale ;)

    A playable demo on steam then having a kickstarter is a good plan imho.

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