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    Hello and welcome, everyone. I am the owner of a small indie team called Art Ink Studios of the east coast of North Carolina. We just launched our first game demo called Star Blitz X for PC and mobile.
    Star Blitz X is a 3d first person shooter that’s homage of the 1980's arcade shooter genre like Space Invaders, Defender and Duck Hunt. It uses the same game mechanic of applying a defense tactic to position, point and shoot from those past games.

    System Requirement as suggested by Unity:

    Windows 8 or later.
    Graphics card with NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 or better graphics card.
    CPU: Intel Core i3-6300 3.8GHz / AMD FX-4350 4.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor.​



    You control the space defense satellite called the Star Hammer. The objective is on a time limit of one minute to protect the earth from incoming asteroids and missiles where both are launched by the Gargon’s space invasion. As you advance a level the more the asteroids or missile’s speed and appearance on screen. But watch out, because with ten hits from the asteroid or missile on the planet and its game over.


    Game Play / Features
    The Game is in the beta stage of the demo that comes with ten levels of high octane action that leads to the closer in the bonus round. The fifth to the ten levels increased the time limit to a minute and thirty seconds. When reaching the bonus round, it switches to a 2d fix shooter that is similar to the arcade game Galaga as you take in a parade of Gargon’s space ship. The demo features a radio station with three interchangeable tracks, a normal and hard mode in the option menu, and sound & music volume in the pause or option menu.
    Once the full version of the game is released it will support 50 levels, 4 different asteroids, recorded high score, two bonus levels and two nonlinear endings.



    Feedback / Suggestion
    What we are looking for any improvement to enhance the gaming experience that is challenging, but engaging. It could be like adding more enemies, position of asteroids or etc. But do keep the suggestions simple because the game is more of an arcade genre. Until then we cannot wait for your response and thank you.

    Tip: The game can be played with any controller with a USB cord to connect with a PC to get a better control experience.​
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