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    March 31th Bit Evil S. A. - indie game studio from Poland started crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo in order to develop it's beloved game Space Pogo! You can download demo version for Android at Google Play:
    System requirements: Android 4.0.3 and up

    youtube trailer:

    Indiegogo campaigne link

    New shooter game with oldschool feel to it! You chose a space ship and figh the alien enemies relying on your quick reflexes for succes. You are the only thing that stands between total annihilation of your planet and the enemy. You move quickly from right to left traveling through space avoiding deadly asteroids and your enemies shots.
    You'll be batteling four different alien creatures and you'll have two space ships at your disposal.
    You need to use your superior reflex and shoot down the aliens attacking you befor they shoot you. Don't let them get to you or it's game over – and ther's no hope left for your planet!
    Game might be challenging in the begining, but don't get discouraged and figt to save your planet!
    Play tireyesly and unlock new achievements and gain new guns that will help you pervail and beat the enemy!

    We dream of taking Space Pogo to the next level! We want to make it even more fun and entertaining than it is. We are campaigning at Indiegogo as we want to bring Space Pogo to other platforms – starting with iOS. Creating new levels, spaceships&enemies, guns&achievements, more
    undiscovered corners of galaxy for everyone to explore! Every level will have its own BOSS – big,
    nasty and dangerous super alien making you life harder and playing more revarding.
    As we believe spirit of competition is important we want to introduce daily challenges and multiplayer mode that will keep every gamer engaged playing everyday!

    Wanna know more about our campaigne and future plans?
    Check us out at:

    We would really apreciate your feed back and you spreading the word! Every help counts! Thank you!

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