SocialPeta 2021 Global Mobile Game White Paper

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    Downloading the full report at: SocialPeta 2021 Global Mobile Game White Paper

    SocialPeta 2022 Mobile Game Ad Ultimate Guide: Market Analysis & Creative Strategies

    Mobile gaming recorded a skyrocketing growth in 2021, especially with the impact of the COVID pandemic in 2020. Under such a circumstance, companies like Applovin, Chartboost, and iResearch have given their perspectives on the industry trends in 2022, which we will share at the end of the article.

    It is also worth mentioning that according to the 2021 mobile game industry white paper recently released by SocialPeta, 2021 had nearly 65k mobile game advertisers, North America remained Top 1 with a total of over 41K mobile game advertisers, up 18.72% YoY.


    2021 mobile game advertising market review

    Ad Market Statistics

    # There was a significant slowdown in the number of game advertisers in 2021 compared to 2020. Emphatically, SociaPeta recorded a 5% growth rate, in-game advertisers, in 2021 as compared to the 44% growth rate in 2020.
    # The average duration of creatives is 32.5 days, which increased by 87.9% in 2021. The reason for this is that advertising data show classic materials are more popular in the market.

    Ad Cost Statistics

    #The CPM of mobile games on the meta platform increased by 34% in 2021. Also, the average CPM of mobile games in the U.S. exceeded $28, and this value equals a 93% increase over the average stat of 2020. The average CTR of mobile games is 1.28%, a YoY decrease of 29%.

    What's more? Find out in SocialPeta's 2021 global mobile game marketing & advertising white paper. To access this free full-packed data, visit SocialPeta 2021 Global Mobile Game White Paper now.

    Mobile Game marketing trends predicted for 2022

    Knowing the Right Audience Will Foster Market Success
    Marketers who want to make the most of mobile gaming in 2022 will develop strategies based on a thorough understanding of their target customers and how their ads are performing.

    In other words, they'll analyze campaign effectiveness against concrete indicators rather than proxy metrics and employ artificially intelligent systems like SocialPeta to gather the data they need to adjust in-flight. Marketers will alter their strategies in this way to guarantee that they are optimizing their spend allocation, driving incremental performance, and offering consistent relevance for mobile gamers.

    Ad Analysis Will Be Important in 2022
    The mobile game market is becoming fierce. It is similar to a wrestling contest that whosoever wins dominate. Similarly, marketers need a data-driven strategy that can thrive over their competitors.

    Advertising creatives are the key to mobile game UA success
    It is not easy to produce the best advertising creatives for mobile games. However, the place of these creatives in target markets will be a priority.

    Final Thought

    Every contest winner works their place to victory. Similarly, the global mobile game market is becoming competitive day after day. However, advertisers that know how to play their cards well are the ones that will generate skyrocketing results.

    Interestingly, you have within your fingertips information that is needed to thrive in this mobile game market. Implement them well, and, indeed, you will have the best the experience.

    Moreover, downloading the full SocialPeta 2021 Global Mobile Game White Paper will give you a full scope of what has been discussed and access to more data.
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