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    Hey everyone, welcome to the first introduction of our new concept Sinking Royale to the public! In this post we will just be briefly describing our game concept, announcing our pre-alpha version and laying a foundation to a community throughout our development process.


    The Game

    Sinking Royale is a first person multiplayer escape game set on various turn of the century (1900s) steamliners wherein players will be placed right as the ship starts sinking. Players will have to secure a spot on the lifeboat, of which there is only ONE available.The game will be played with up to 8 players resembling passengers on the ship. This means that only ONE out of the 8 players can ultimately win the game, technically making it a battle royale game with a twist. The ship will take roughly 5 minutes to sink, making the rising water a time pressure for players to survive. In order to board the lifeboat, the winner will have to bribe the guard at the lifeboat with enough cash to convince him. This means that players have to run around the ship and find randomly spawned cash in order to gather enough to escape. Players can steal cash from others by pushing other players to the ground, or smashing them with items. All this creates a thrilling experience as a result of the chaos and pressure caused by the rising water and the constant battle between all the passengers.


    Pre-Alpha Development Demo
    We are currently still in the process of finishing the first ship for Sinking Royale, and are working on the game mechanics to in order to make the multiplayer experience playable. We are excited to announce that we will be releasing a free build on and Gamejolt within about a week or two from this point in time. This build will provide the basic experience of what Sinking Royale is all about and will feature one ship called the Oceania (loosely based on the RMS Oceanic). Please keep an eye for more updates as this early build will be coming out very soon!


    We have just created a Discord for Sinking Royale and would like to encourage you to join for closer updates and a more direct channel of communication with us, the developers! Feel free to flood us with questions and feedback/ideas!

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