SFML Game Engine (is::Engine) for Android and PC

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    Jul 17, 2020
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    Hello everyone, :)
    I present to you is::Engine a 2D C++ game engine (open source) created with SFML library that allow you to easily develop your games on Android and PC (Windows, Linux). Here are some features :

    • Language Manager (English and French by default)
    • Automatic management of SFML window
    • Box 2D library
    • TMXLite
    • TMXLoader
    • SDM (Step and Draw Manager)
    • GSM (Game Sound Manager)
    • Basic Collision Engine
    • Swoosh library (Screen Transition effect)
    • Game Scene
    • Button System
    • Background System
    • Object Event System
    • Config System
    • Game Save System
    • RPG-style dialog box
    • Virtual Game Pad for Android
    • Keyboard manager
    • Admob
    • Tiny File Dialogs
    • And many other features…
    It already integrates everything you need (GUI, Example, ...) to create a game.

    It is also accompanied by a very detailed user guide and tutorial that allows you to use it to create your game.

    Game Engine Link (Github)

    Game Engine Demo Link (Github)

    Here is a screenshot of the engine demo :


    Your feedback will be welcome !

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    Hi everyone, hope you are doing well! :)
    is::Engine 3.0 is available and brings huge new features:

    Support for TMXLite and TMXLoader library: which allows you to use the Tiled editor with the engine.
    Official supported version is TMXLite but you can use another engine version with TMXLoader.


    Multiplatform engine: You can now use a single project to develop on Android, Windows and Linux (To compile on different OS, just change the IDE).

    Support of several development tools: You can use Android Studio, CMake, Visual Studio and Code::Blocks with the same project.

    Event system for object: allows to use SFML events in objects (Was used in the TMXLoader example).

    Button System: Allows you to create customizable buttons and use them in your games (Was used in the TMXLoader example).

    Engine optimization: The games are two (2) times faster.

    This time the Engine Demo is about an iconic game that marked a whole generation and which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year:
    It's Super Mario Bros!


    As a bonus some small additions have been made to this version to make it even more Fun! ;)

    Happy Birthday Super Mario Bros!

    Here is the video of the demo:
    Sorry for the quality of the video and the slowing down of the game. Apparently my Graphics Card doesn't want me to play a
    game and do video capture at the same time! :rolleyes:

  3. Is Daouda

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    Jul 17, 2020
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    Hi all, :)
    The Demo level editor has been improved to allow you to create your own level and easily integrate it into the game.

    Github link


    Have nice day ! ;)

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