Sandbox PvP-oriented MMORPG with turn-based combat system

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    Hi there,

    I'm a game designer, and I'm looking for some people who would be interested in working on an MMORPG title.

    The plan would be to create a prototype version, and then try the crowdfunding.

    Here are some features of the game:

    * Isometric anime/manga/cartoony graphic style.
    * Sandbox, community-oriented.
    * Turn-based battle system e.g "Tactics Ogre", "Final Fantasy: Tactics"
    * PvP-oriented, but soft-core e.g no harsh penalties for dying. The game is meant to be fun and engaging.
    * Group/Party oriented gameplay. Playing solo is possible but not as efficient as grouping with other players.
    (Players can only control 1 character unlike in most games with turn-based combat system. It caters to the massive multiplayer aspect of the game forcing players to play together rather than soloing with controling 839283928 characters at the same time)
    * At least 4 different pvp factions with their own territory
    * 100% player driven eco-system of each area
    * 100% player driven political system
    * Classless character system based on 4 elements - fire, water, earth, air
    * Unlimited character level
    * No level-limited zones. Level of each area scales up and down with the player. So players are free to roam the whole game's world.
    * No useless items
    * And many more...

    I'm looking for at least one programmer and one graphic artist to get started. I'm open to your ideas. Nothing is set in stone yet, and it is more of an "for fun" project. But it would be great if it got bigger.
    it would be nice if you could devote at least 4 hours a week for the project. I'm spending 8-16h a week myself. But it's because I just love to design, write, balance, calculate and in general create things. It's like having fun in my free time. :)

    I played 90% of the mmorpgs that are there in the gaming world and there's 1 maybe 2 that are kind of ok. My plan is to make a game from players for players. MMO which is not grindy, and doesn't feel liek a second daily job, and a game which offers variety and a community at its core.

    Drop me a message here or at if you are interested. I know it looks like a big project, but we're going to start small, and on top of that we have oceans of time. ;)

    I attached some of my monster designs. The concept arts were created by concept artists based on my descriptions and ideas.

    Abysmal_King.jpg Frozen_Giant.jpg Makuncho.jpg Puppet_Master.jpg

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