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  1. Jim Prior

    Jim Prior New Member

    Aug 15, 2008
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    Name: Jim Prior
    Company: UtS IT Consultancy
    Possible Company: UtS Games ;)
    Occupation: Technology/Manager/Designer/Musician/Artist/Jack-of-all-trades
    Location: London uk

    I started out on the old ZX81 in 1982, then Atari 800XL(1 published program in Atari User magazine), Amiga 600+1200 and finally a late comer to PC gaming(around 1992).
    I've dabbled in game programming from the start, but somewhere along the line machine code melted my brain and I had to accept that my maths was just not going to cut it in terms of programming.

    So I've ended up learning, or starting to learn, software like Photoshop/ Illustrator/Paint shop Pro and Sonar/Cubase/Ableton Live and a few others.

    Long time p+p table top rpg player(from DnD to GURPS and back), with a few boardgames/cardgames/rpg systems under my belt(nothing commercial - all made when I was a kid for my friends to play and enjoy).

    Over the years(wow, nearly 30!), I've started to find less and less of the AAA mainstream games to my taste, especially in the last 5 years or so.
    So I've become some kind of game connoisseur/obsessive and find myself hunting down 'odd' games like Cosmology of Kyoto, King of Dragon Pass, Okami etc, looking for the secrets of gaming nirvana......or something!?

    Unless the cautionary tales here of peoples journey into the murky world of Independent game development puts me off, I plan on starting my own company some day soon.

    Favourite 10 games/series(not in order): Xcom, Civ(1-4), Alternate Reality(Atari 8bit version only - Philip Price was the man!), Speed Ball 2, Gunship2000, Joust, X-Wing, Okami, Daggerfall/Morrowind(+mods), Zork.

    And I love playing sports, although my body isn't so keen these days!
  2. EFWStaff

    EFWStaff New Member

    Sep 11, 2008
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    Name: Tom Honaker
    Company: Electronic Fantasy World
    Occupation: Owner, project coordinator, coder, chief bottle-washer, sad attempt at artist
    Location: Florida Panhandle

    I started EFW as a web services company, namely website development. From there EFW has expanded into a security software company, specializing in military-grade data destruction. And now I'm expanding the company yet again into game development now that the hardware's out to make some ideas I've got even remotely possible. (I have a pen-and-paper RPG I wrote 25 years ago specifically for building into a MMO before there even was such a thing as a MMO, but the tech needed is just now available to accomplish the design goals for that project.)

    Current (as of mid-September 2008) projects include an update to my company's flagship product line, continued refinements to our thus-far-well-nigh-unhackable CMS/website engine, and (of more import to this community) a multiplayer race game featuring a full online competition-friendly ranking system and complete three-axis flight control.

    Personal hobbies include a few online games (most notably Final Fantasy Online) and building lighting systems using white LEDs, with the LED thing being one of my longest interests thus far.
  3. ninjarat

    ninjarat New Member

    Sep 12, 2008
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    Name: Bill Whitacre
    Abilities: system and games programming (C, C++, basic, assembly), graphic art, music (guitar), and a lot of other stuff that doesn't matter here like welding and cooking. :p
    Current Projects: Rampancy Engine (like SDL with an OpenGL/Hardware focus), the physics engine for it, and a game to raise interest about the physics engine: Floculate
    Occupation: Indie Game Developer / Student
    Website: Click Here
    Location: Missouri, United States.

    Hello, I'm new here. I'm basically coming here for advice on doing indie business, but hope to be part of your community. I'm just starting out on the indie games path and could use a little guidance. I'm a very experienced programmer, though, and am very confident in my abilities.

    My language of choice in most cases is C. I favor it's short compile time, small memory footprint and machine code size, as well as simplicity and clarity. To me, it is better than C++, because well C++ has weakly object oriented code structures to help you do OOP, you can actually do all the same things in C with a little extra work, and have it run faster with less memory use. The only reason I would use C++ is if programmer convenience were more important than function, which to me is never. I like a challenge.

    What else? I'm an Ubuntu user, and damn proud of it, but I develop for Windows too. I've been programming since I was five, albeit in BASIC until I was thirteen or so. And I'm not saying I was very good back then. My dad just got me started on these things early. Math and music too. Five is the magic age for me?

    So let's see: I play guitar pretty well and write my own music, I draw pretty well, and I'm good at coding. One of the main reasons I've wanted to get in on indie game development is because I can do pretty much all the jobs in making a game.

    I am an obsessed gamer and like indie games. My favorites at the moment include Cortex Command, Audiosurf, and World of Goo. I also dig on a few mainstream games, most notably at the present Dead Space. Check them all out, as awesomeness is within.

    Lastly, I'm currently in student limbo, as weird twists and turns in life forced me to leave highschool. I was fortunately educated very well before highschool by my parents whom are very educated themselves. My dad is a mathematician and a software/hardware engineer, as well as having passed on courses to me in chemistry and quantum physics. My mom is a college math teacher who specializes in statistics, but also does calculus. How ironic that we are poor because family health prevents us from doing as much work and breaks us down with huge medical expenses. 20 grand a year in medical bills is not a joke. I am planning to go to college on a GED, and continue with that until I can get in to a large engineering focused college.

    It is my dream to bring a game to the IGF. It has to be now or never, so I'm brainstorming on what the big IGF game should be now!

    Peace :D
  4. fairychild

    fairychild New Member

    Sep 22, 2008
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    Name: GiGi Miranda
    Occupation: Being the perfect GiGi <3
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Hobbies: Music, Movies, Writing, Traveling to exotic places, Hanging out with my boyfriend

    I liked playing video games as a kid (Super NES was my genesis) but nowadays I play whatever my boyfriend is playing. Actually wanted to go on some gamer forums to get to know what is up in the gaming world currently. If anyone could enlighten I am more than happy to listen. Thanks!! =D
  5. Mtg_kirin

    Mtg_kirin New Member

    Sep 17, 2008
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    Name: William
    Company: non - student
    Occupation: hopping between part time jobs while being full time student working on bachelors of fine art.
    Location: great NYC area
    Portfolio: (very wip right now)
    I have been self teaching My self maya and photoshop. I specialize in low poly environment art, but have also lately been getting into level design. Im working on my bachelors of fine art and hope to move onto smu guild hall for masters.

    Also I am working on a turn based strategy game for XBL with a small indie team.
  6. max196

    max196 New Member

    Oct 12, 2008
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    Name: ankur nigam
    Company: N/A
    Occupation: student
    Location: India

    I am a post graduate student and so crazy about casual games. After finishing my examination, i started my website 14 months ago. I an affiliate of bigfishgames, reflexive, iwin, playfirst, alawar & many other game developers. I love to play game and share games with peoples. Peoples download games from my website to enjoy free trial demo pc version for 60 minutes. My dream is to develop a gaming portal like bigfish & reflexive.

    Thank You!
  7. Uber Dowzen

    Uber Dowzen New Member

    Oct 13, 2008
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    Name: Lachlan Ridley
    Company: Somebody Else Games
    URL: not yet (one day soon...)
    Occupation: student
    Location: New Zealand

    I'm a teenager who loves games and wants to make them. I like anything good, but prefer RPGs,then FPSs, then Strategy (if they're good).

    I'm wanting to make an oblivion like game called Earthica (code name). Also, when I leave university, i want to start my own indie company.
  8. OTrain13

    OTrain13 New Member

    Oct 27, 2008
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    Hi Everyone:

    Name: Owen Goss
    Company: Streaming Colour Studios
    Occupation: Full-Time Indie Game Developer
    Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Until recently I had been working in the AAA games industry in Vancouver, BC for the last 5 years or so, and worked for companies like EA and Propaganda Games. In July my wife and I returned to Toronto, ON, where I decided to form my own indie games studio: Streaming Colour Studios.

    Streaming Colour was formed with the purpose of creating fun, non-violent, and creative video games. I'm currently working on my first game, which is slated first for release on iPhone, and then Windows and Mac OS X.

    I have been reading the forums on IndieGamer for quite some time now, but I finally decided to sign up and join the conversation.

  9. Xathia Vastar

    Xathia Vastar New Member

    Dec 3, 2008
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    Yay! I'm finally able to post! Hello, everyone! This is such a great community!

    Name: Rebecca Long
    Company: Exodus Studios
    Occupation: Freelancing developer, writer and artist
    Location: Ocala, FL

    I hold a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems and a minor in linguistics (Japanese). I'm currently back in school for another bachelor's degree in game and simulation programming, which I am hoping will make myself more marketable when finding a full-time job in the game industry.

    For now, I am working freelance and accepting commissioned work whenever I can. My primary focuses are: illustration (manga/comic book, graphic design and CG), game and application programming (variety of languages), writing and web design & development. I formed a company in 2007 which offer some of my services in addition to selling family-friendly games done by indie developers.

    I'm an avid gamer and currently working on a personal game project which I started on my own back in April 2008. I'm hoping to have it completed within the next year and a half.

    Art Portfolio: |

    Proficient programming languages: HTML, RubyScript, C/C++, Assembly, Torque, Java, SQL

    Proficient game engines: RPG Maker 95/2000/2003/XP, Game Maker, 3D Game Studio, Torque Game Builder, Blitz3D

    Main website:
  10. Cevo70

    Cevo70 New Member

    Oct 16, 2008
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    Name: Carl Van Ostrand
    Company: Small Cave Games
    Occupation: Producer, Designer, Composer
    Location: New York

    We're working on an XBL CG (first goal) and having a ton of fun. I have a great programmer on the team and have met/contracted with several people from this site as well. :)
  11. CousinGilgamesh

    CousinGilgamesh New Member

    May 21, 2008
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    I guess I should have done this when I joined, but I'm going to do it now.

    Name: Daniel DeKlotz
    Company: Harmonic games (for now)
    Website: and
    -Student at Cal Poly (studying computer science and philosophy)
    -Individual game development when I have the time (I do all my own art, programming, design, music, etc.)
    Location: San Luis Obispo, California

    I'm a 3rd year at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and I make games when I have time. I've been really busy for the last 6 months (with an internship at Microsoft this last summer Summer and then a really more-than-full load of advanced real-time-rendering classes and such last quarter), and I finally have time to devote to game development again. I plan on spending the next 9 months on my next project [with school on the side =)], then studying abroad in Tokyo for 3 months, and then graduating 6 months later to go full-time indie. I also plan on being really poor for a long time after college.

    In my game projects, I tend to favor experimental games and cross-generic games. I never make games that easily fit into one genre or model. I am interested in exploring the unexplored parts of game design.
  12. gunswordfist

    gunswordfist New Member

    Feb 17, 2009
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    Name: gunswordfist
    Company: (It's non-existant)
    Occupation: *secret*
    Location: Somewhere in the U.S. of A.
    Hobbies: gaming, eating, watching tv show, cartoons and anime

    I joined here 3 days ago because I just got done playing Legend Of Zelda and it inspired me to try to work faster towards an indie career. So it's great to be here guys! Any DMC, MGS or Max Payne fans here????
  13. Zollo

    Zollo New Member

    Dec 7, 2008
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    Name: Carolina Moya
    Occupation: Freelancing and working on a game project.
    URL: *will update this shortly
    Location: NYC
    Hobbies: Gaming, Movies,Animations, Comics, Paintings (traditional&Digital)

    I have a BA in Computer Arts from S.V.A but my love is for 2D. I worked at a company called Game lab for like 4 years. It was an awesome experience. I learned a lot, loved the people and enjoyed making art for creative projects. I have so many interests. I like illustration, comics, animation and then some. Making games can involve all of those so it's perfect! :) I'm glad to be a part of the forum. It seems like an amazing resource for all my questions. I hope I can contribute as well.
  14. PlasticOstrich

    PlasticOstrich New Member

    Jun 4, 2007
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    Name: Lisa
    Company: Baby Eish Games
    Occupation: Game Developer, freelance writer, tarot card reader, and "household executive" (apparently, that's the politically correct term for housewife).
    Location: Cape Town, South Africa (but originally from NYC)

    After watching Tom Hanks in "Big" as a kid, I wanted to be a toy tester. This is about as close as it gets. :D
    #214 PlasticOstrich, Mar 19, 2009
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  15. Matthew Doucette

    Original Member

    May 11, 2006
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    Name: Matthew Doucette
    Company: Xona Games
    Occupation: Video Game Developer (aka everything)
    Location: Canada
    Hobbies: Video games, board games, puzzles, Rubik's Cube, Weightlifting, Basketball, etc...

    Currently working on Duality: ZF:
    #215 Matthew Doucette, Apr 15, 2009
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  16. Niels.Stephan

    Niels.Stephan New Member

    Apr 21, 2009
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    Name: Niels Stephan
    Company: Self employed
    Occupation: Game translator (ENG>GER)
    Location: Germany

    I am a freelance translator with more than 8 years in English-to-German localization for the gaming industry. I was working on games for all major systems in various genres in the past.
    Feel free to contact me if you want your game localized into German. I'm always interested in talking about projects.
  17. BlackBoxBETA

    BlackBoxBETA New Member

    May 11, 2009
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    Name: Jon Skinner
    Company: Self Employed
    Occupation: Web community admin
    Location: UK

    Hey, I'm a self-styled graphics and web designer now working on personal projects instead of working for the "man". I love to design and draw, and although I'm not that hot at any programming I'm always happy to heklp out with any graphics that are needed. In my free time I play Bass guitar and race nitro cars.

    My current project is a beta testing community site aimed at providing a resoure of motivated testers with real incentive to provide detailed/quality feedback. The site will also host beta files/publicity stuffz/game servers etc so feel free to give me a shout if you'd like some testing or use of our services.

    Looking forward to being part of the community here :)
  18. m3xican

    m3xican New Member

    May 5, 2009
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    Name: Davide Coppola
    Company: Curve Studios
    Occupation: game programmer
    Location: England -> London
    Twitter: vivaladav

    I'm Italian, but after I got my (useless) MSc in computer science last year I moved to London to join the game industry.

    Previously I was working on a open-source game called "Mars, land of no mercy", but unfortunately I neved had enough spare time to finish it, so at the moment the project is freezed.

    Now I'm working on a indie game in my spare time (almost every night), but it's still in a ealry stage, I hope to have some news to post soon.
    #218 m3xican, May 19, 2009
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  19. Complex Games

    Complex Games New Member

    Jun 19, 2009
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    Complex Games

    Looking forward to joining the discussion on Indiegamer. We have been around since 2002 but have just recently joined this community.

    We are close to releasing our first game, Pirates Ahoy! We are also looking to release some iPhone games.

    Name: Noah Decter-Jackson
    Company: Complex Games
    Occupation: Game Designer
    Location: Winnipeg, Canada
    Twitter: complexgames
  20. Sue

    Sue New Member

    Jul 10, 2009
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    Name : Sue Moseley
    Company: Moseley Multimedia Ltd
    Position: Director

    Hi everyone. A little about myself:

    I have been working in the e-Learning development field for the last decade or so, but have been getting rather tired of late with the feasting/fasting cycle of income; so I've decided to change to something that has the potential to bring money in 'while I sleep' at a hopefully more consistent rate than I've been used to. I also want to have a lot more fun - e-learning is just not a lot of fun anymore - long story - I won't bore you with the details.

    I'm coming to the last couple of months of studying for an MScIT with Liverpool University, which has given me a lot to think about; in particular, what I'd really like to be doing for a living, and I've decided it's casual games.

    I've already got an idea for my first game, which is going to be a hidden object/adventure game, built in Flash (only because I'm already familiar with it). I can't wait to get stuck in - just have to get the MSc out of the way first.

    I expect I'll be hanging round this site quite a lot. :)

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