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    Hi There!

    Joined this forum hoping to get a team going for (hopefully) a nice business simulation game going. I've been working in some ideas to create something unique within the Genre and have a couple of ideas for different game concepts which we can, as a team, vote on and work upon. While I wouldn't like to share the full extend of the core concept of the game, I would like to work on the following:
    • Supply / Demand economic based model with "real world" events that would contribute to both boom and recession states. This would be randomly generated and would affect your business in several ways;
    • Office / Base building options
    • Compete agains the computer with an online scoreboard to compare your business with others worldwide;
    • 2D isometric style design (I'm open for 3D suggestions though)
    • Macro and Micro management options to manage your company. When you get started you can get to the fine "grain" of your business but as you scale you can start to delegate. Delegation options will be more or less effective depending on the people you hire;
    • All employees / NPC's will have specific randomly generated traits that can and will affect their performance, both positively and negatively.
    • Mod friendly game
    Regarding the business end of the deal, we would be working under Rev-Share. The actual agreement can be negotiated and discussed once (and hopefully) we get a team going. I would like to release the game on both Steam, our future website and Gog. If we do get something special going on it would always be worth trying to get a kickstarter campaign going to help us fund our efforts.

    As for the current requirements, I can get the following on my own
    • Team and project management
    • UX design for optimal user experience
    • Music and sounds
    • Promotional Art
    • Alpha / Beta testing
    • Support
    • Web Design
    I'm currently taking a few game design courses in Unity but wouldn't feel comfortable in getting this going myself because, in all fairness, I'm a noob at that. I do some experience in beta testing and have been playing tycoon / business games for years. This is who I'm looking for for now:
    • Concept Artist
    • 2D artist (or 3D artist if we decide on that tech)
    • Programmers, preferably proficient with Unity
    • If you have any skills that may bring something to the table, even in Sound Design, please speak up!
    Hope to hear from you soon and thanks for taking a look!
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