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    WHAT'S ALL THIS THEN? Game studios still ignore the social minority, ironically a huge niche online. Gingerly Waffled can help, offering quirky games, an artistic melting pot, and a nurturing community.

    It’s an online store and storyteller; muse and safe space for ideas and identity.

    The game is the tentatively titled ‘OUR GLORIA: Eld's Limn’ ('OGEL' for short). Post-war chroniclers, called ‘Limns’, use paranormal guesswork to recover civilization. Keep other cards from reaching your territory, or earn points to win.

    But it needs to get off the ground first.

    WELL WHAT CAN I DO? We're looking for 2D (essential; 3D a bonus) artists, ASAP, to complete our co-found of Gingerly Waffled. They'll start by building the mobile and online flagship, slated for Winter. Currently, we need art before we can take the prototype to investors, who we're also looking for.

    This project is a subversive attack on a growing, but highly competitive, market. We have the potential to secure a loyal niche, without alienating the wider market.

    WHY SHOULD I? For your commitment, cofounders share a 25% (minimum, this may negotiate up) stake with the team. We offer a separate 10 - 20% to investors, depending on the scale and negotiations of funding. We also believe in creative control. We want to hear every idea from involved characters, even if they're ridiculous.

    WILL I FIT IN? Trick question! We're not about fitting in here, but exploring different identities. For the cynics, don't worry: we're pragmatic and want to make money too. Also, there's no building! It's a distributed team.

    HOW CAN I GET STARTED? Email me on gingerlywaffled@outlook.com, for more info. Try to say what you want from the project in 2 years or so. Any content you have, in the way of visual/ written portfolios, social media, and links would be great too. Use your DA profile or anything else you'd like.

    Don't forget to ask me those ridiculous questions. Helpful suggestions, from both the 'goings' and 'not goings', are warmly welcomed. If you think this isn't right for you, but might be for another co-founder or investor you know, just pass this message along. See our humble online presence:


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