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Discussion in 'Game Design' started by noahbwilson, Nov 21, 2016.

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    Let's talk.

    Somehow (I don't know the details, maybe there is more to the story) Words With Friends did not get sued by Scrabble. With that in mind, I'm going to take a somewhat unknown board game Labyrinth and turn it into a PvP game.

    What is Labyrinth? It's amazing and simple.

    In Labyrinth (if I remember correctly from my childhood), the object of the game is to get from A to B in a large maze, each turn consisting of the ability to SHIFT the maze one space (horizontally or vertically), then move your piece as far as you can go. However, when other players move, they SHIFT the maze as well, screwing up your plans and changing the maze. So basically you have players moving the maze back and forth, flipping some pieces, and generally screwing things up for other players while only trying to achieve their own goal.

    Sounds like a metaphor for life.

    Anyway, I am considering turning this into a spin-off App for my next game Retro Knight, making it a PvP game, and might even try PvPvPvP! I'll add my own concepts, power ups, and little bonuses not found in the original board game, so I will work to 'make it my own idea'. The hardest part for me is always linking two players together in a match up as well as notifying a player when it is their turn. I've managed one PvP game so far that works pretty well, but its just 1-turn (I create a top score, then send it to you and you try and beat it. If you beat it, you win! If you don't, I win! . You should really play it.) I know notifications cost extra because you need some other company to handle things, but I feel for a Words With Friends type game that has multiple moves, I might need it.

    What are your thoughts on how to deal with these two problems?

    What about the game itself? Sound cool?

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