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    Hello and thanks for visiting!

    I am looking to recruit a team to work on an ongoing 3-part project to be released on Steam.

    Please take time to read the areas you are interested in.


    The ultimate goal is to have a Medieval RTS-RPG with an expandable non-linear story and eventually an expansion; I plan to do this in 3 phases, and you're welcome to participate in any of the phases:

    - Phase 1: The Multiplayer

    In this phase we will create a simple multi-player game that will allow people to familiarize themselves with our game and units. I will need a Programmer, 3D Artist, and 2D Artist/Illustrator.

    I have already created/textured/animated most of the units, props, and tileset to be used in this phase.

    The plan is to create a race with units and structures to be used in a couple maps for a PvP experience.

    We will need:

    • Menus/UI (2D)
    • Network Game Code (Prog)
    • Unit AI code (Prog)
    • Tutorial/Free Play (All)
    • 3D Objects to be used as Structures (3D)
    • Effects (2D/3D)
    Once we have the necesssary members, I expect this phase to take around 6 months.

    Phase 2: The Story

    In this phase we will add the story to the existing framework. I have a fully developed story with multiple Plot Points already developed. I will need a Programmer, 3D Artist, and 2D Artist/Illustrator.

    We will use the assets created in Phase 1 and create the rest of what we need.

    The plan is for the 3D team to create the needed assets while the Programming team focuses on the code. Will also develop needed 2D assets, and when none are necessary, 2D team will help Texture for 3D team.

    We will need:
    • Story Artwork (Somewhat Large 2D Task)
    • Editor or Game Layout Code (Large Prog.Task)
    • Player Units, Special Game Units/Structures (3D)
    • Campaign Effects (2D/3D)
    I expect this process can take about 1 year.

    - Phase 3: Updates/Expansion

    In this phase we will maintain our main game and begin to work on the Expansion material. I have a partially developed story and a lot of add-on material for the game in mind. Some of this material will sample the Story Assets.

    We will need:
    • Extra Story Artwork (Somewhat Large 2D Task)
    • Implementation Code/Extra Code (Prog)
    • Additional Races (2 additions, will sample some Campaign units. Large 3D Task)
    I expect this phase to have many additions and may span the course of 2 years.


    A Little About the Story:

    As I mentioned, this will take place in a multi-realm, fictional universe, based on a lot of medieval lore. The game will follow a user-created character with heritage to a royal family. You are the King's child, who goes into battle against a rival kingdom and is captured. You manage to get back to your homeland and come to discover that you will be succeeding your father much sooner than you imagined. You must learn to lead your kingdom and fight to avenge your fathers death. Along the way you will discover that a lot is not what it seems, and you will learn to question each decision you make.


    On to the good stuff:
    • Character Creation: Male or Female, Class, Appearance (hair type, build, eye color.) Nothing super intense because the perspective won't allow a whole lot of character admiration.
    • Kingdom Simulation: Make decisions as King or Queen that will affect your kingdom. Build your settlement up or tear it down with your decisions.
    • Non-Linear Story: Every story has a little bit of linearity, but after you get back home you get to forge your own path. Random events will keep you on your toes, so if you don't make an effort, it could cost you your game.
    • Alignment: Good and Evil. You're decisions determine who you are. You have the ability to be an honest leader, or a ruthless emperor!
    • Auto-Completion: Sometimes you just want to sit back on your throne, right? Well you can form parties to do your dirty work in the mean-time.
    • Scenario Transitioning: Have multiple settlements in multiple areas. Visit many parts of the game-world.
    • Relationships: Choose to marry or rule your kingdom solo. Experience realistic and deep dialogue, increasing or dismantling your friendships with NPC's.
    • Large-Scale Battles: Wield a variety of troops in combat.
    • Abilities: Use an arsenal of abilities and techniques that are exclusive between classes. Build your own class.
    There's much more there, but I have to leave a little to mystery!


    My name is Matt, and I am an amateur developer. I am a guy who wants to actualize a dream-game I have been imagining for years. The combination of all the fun games we have played - all simply placed in one awesome game. I began with an idea and little to no knowledge of the gaming world, whatsoever. I mostly began by putting my ideas in context, and slowly evolved into a story-writing 3D artist. I believe that I have a very solid and interesting story with the potential to turn into a series of games, each introducing a new world with a new objective to conquer.

    I've recently released a Mobile game that is in Beta. Find it here:
    Info -
    Download (Android) -

    I will be bringing my expertise in leadership, 3D art, animation, texturing, and also my miscellaneous ability to the team.


    Who I'm looking for:
    Specifically: Programmers, 2D Texture/UI Artists, 2D Illustrators, 3D Artists, Leaders.
    • Individuals who WANT to work on a project. If you're not motivated, then you most likely won't help us progress.
    • Creative individuals. People with an open mind who don't mind contributing ideas of their own, or voicing their opinions.
    • Experience levels can range from beginner to expert, and it is a MUST that you can tolerate working with other people co-operatively.
      • If you are a beginner, you must possess a willingness to learn. Be able to learn from mistakes and get better with time.
    • Availability. I don't expect you to report in with immense progress each day, but I do expect you stay in touch from time to time. Preferably every 1-2 days, but I understand life comes first.
      • If you will be gone for weeks at a time without warning, I am not interested.
    • Adults. Unfortunately I must request that you at least be 18 years or older for numerous reasons.
    • English. You don't have to be an expert, but please be able to understand and communicate in English.
    • Genuine people. Most of us are guilty of it, but for this project you must have legitimate software. You must not copyright materials, you must be able to determine the legitimacy between copyrighted material and "free to use" material.
      • Additionally, a NDA will be required for all members.
    Things to know prior to entering:
    Basically I just want to be up front with anyone interested. I have an open mind, however I don't want to become too deviated from my original idea. I need creativity from outside minds, so I am open to listen and we can all make the final decisions together. When we do finish this project, I want to split the profits between all of us evenly. I have another full-time job so I do not expect anyone on our team to make this a full time job.

    Interested Parties:
    If you are interested in joining this team, please PM, reply, or E-Mail (preferred) me with "Legacy" in the title. My email address is: atxmatt2510(at)hotmail(dot)com (Replace at with @, and dot with . ) If you have any questions or concerns, please include them in your reply to me. Thank you for taking the time to read!

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    Not 18 yet so I'm not speaking for now but I'm a composer hoping to join a team to develop a game. Maybe when your looking for a score contact me.

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