Rage of Infinity - The Game (FPS/Puzzle/Survival)

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    Johnny Weiss: My name is Agent Weiss. I come from... far away. I've been fighting so long, I can't even remember why. My mind... has been torn apart so many times that I can't even remember where it is that I come from. Not well, at least. It all started.. what? A century ago? A millennia? An Epoch? I think it might as well have been a literal eternity ago. Anyway... I have a message for you. All these... 'characters' you love? They're real. We're real. We have real lives... and we're nothing like you perceive us. They used to call us Angels, and our enemies, Demons. We never thought of ourselves like that... we thought we were regular people.

    One day, one of us noticed something... he noticed you. All of you. Over the years... they recreated his image. Over and over again. Neo Anderson... Peter Parker... Tank Dempsey... Gabriel Law... All of these are iterations of the original... and regardless of how different these... characters... are, they all are the same being. The same... spirit.

    Let's put it this way, what your dimension calls "Angels", "Spirits", "Ghosts", "Gods", or any other kind of metaphysical being, is in reality a being from a higher dimension. A being that can travel through any of the dimensions you experience (length, width, depth, time, and information) freely, being that they are in fact 11th dimensional beings (the eleventh dimension comprises of all possible and impossible realities).

    It's my job to keep the insanity of my dimension from spilling out into yours... I am the reason your gods don't speak to you anymore...

    I am the Light Bringer.... and the Lord of Shadows.

    Fear me.

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