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    1) Questions about Addressable
    2) How to perform the hot update of Addressable
    3) How to set the Shader variable of SceneView camera
    4) The reason why Activity defaults to SingleTask
    5) About the Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets call time is too long

    Q: I have been watching Addressable for the past few days. Although I don’t fully understand it, I feel that it is much easier to use than AssetBundle, and I have considered it very well. There were some questions when referring to Addressables 1.6.2:

    1. Compared with AssetBundle, how to control its packaging granularity? For example, AssetBundle can control multiple resources into one AssetBundle.
    2. Is there a script to automatically set the Addressable name and Label? After all, the slightly larger scale project has a large number of resources, and the manual setting was not scientific in the past.
    3. Regarding Check for Content Update Restrictions, there is a sentence in the official document: Note: This command will do nothing if all your changes are confined to non-static groups, which means that this check does not work for non-static groups. The question is, where is this Group defined? Is it non-static or static?
    4. Regarding Unique Bundle IDs, the official document is also Turn on “Unique Bundle IDs” within the AddressableAssetSettings Inspector, however, I didn’t find it.

    A1: The first question: Addressable is finally packaged into AssetBundle, and the package storage directory is determined by the Build Path set by the BundledAssetGroupSchema of each Group. The Bundle Mode of the BundledsetGroup Schema determines whether the resources of the same Group can be packed into a Bundle. If it is Pack Together, it will be packed into a Bundle, and Pack Separately will pack each Entry into a Bundle. The issue of granularity is similar to the use of Asset Bundles. Addressable will automatically manage the dependencies of the Bundle packages. If the dependent resources are not in other Bundle packages, they will be automatically added to their own Bundles.


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