Quartermaster Development Team looking for ACTIVE Programmers for 2D Strategy Game

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    I am looking into forming a team to develop a 2D Single-player strategy game entitled Quartermaster. I have already interacted with several programmers, and am looking to expand the game beyond programming into artistry.

    The game would be focused on the logistics of militaries in the 20th century. The gameplay would focus on building factories for rifles, cartridges, and other weapons, and then setting up supply lines for those weapons and supplies to get to armies in the field. Besides that, the player would also be able to research new technology and develop new weaponry. Initially, the game would focus almost entirely on infantry weapons (rifles, machine guns, etc.) but may expand into vehicles in the future, since vehicles have a lot of different things that have to be developed (fuel, engines, armor, etc.) The game would be focused on a map and menus, with very little or no 3D elements.

    The game would be single-player only, at least initially, and would be composed of several campaigns. The setting of the game is an alternate reality where the geopolitical atmosphere of the mid-20th century is drastically different; Germany is a Centrist state while France is Fascist. Russia is Socialist instead of Communist, and the English Isles are controlled by a Scottish Alliance. Because of these factors, the Second World War never occurred. Rather, the game would focus on campaigns for the smaller, local conflicts that take place throughout Europe and the world. The first campaign would be for the German Civil War, in 1922, when the NSDAP (National Socialist Party) battled the Blue Centrists (who eventually win the war, at least in the 'official' history) and other factions like the far-left commmunists. After that campaign, more could be added into the game, with additional campaigns being sold later in the development cycle as extra content or booster packs.

    With regards to language and engine, our current plan is to use Unity for the engine and Javascript/HTML5 for the language.

    Any experience level is acceptable - the only thing we need is a good work ethic and a willingness to learn and try new things. The team already includes a lead programmer and a couple others, but we need programmers who are active on a regular basis and can discuss problems with the development team. A US-based programmer would be preferable, but any application will be considered. A problem we've run into so far is that our lead programmer has been unable to discuss programming issues with the other programmers, causing the project to grind to a halt. We want to remedy this issue so that we may continue.

    Our compensation arrangement would be profit-sharing. This means that we would be happy to have hobbyists who can only help in their spare time - we understand that no one will be able to work full-time without immediate compensation, and do not expect anyone to do so. Once the project is officially begun, a contract will be drawn up between all concerned parties to set the profit percentage in stone.

    Thanks for your consideration.


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