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    Hey guys!

    So, I've been dreaming of make a MMORPG game for as long as I can remember. I have some basic ideas for the game but am always looking for more.

    A few of these basic ideas include:
    - Player versus Player versus Environment (PvPvE)
    - Packs/Tribes
    - Being a Loner
    - Breeding w/ other players and NPCs
    - As a pack/tribe, build small buildings to protect from other predators, players, and the elements
    - As a loner, make a name for yourself as the world's greatest thief by stealing kills from packs, tribes, and NPCs.

    That's where you guys come in! I'm sure you've all be dreaming of the ideal wolf mmorpg, well here I am to attempt making mine & yours dreams into a reality.

    Not only am in need of lots of ideas, but I am in need of staff members. I'm looking for competent people that know what it takes to make a game and how to run the appropriate programs to achieve this. I unfortunately don't have any knowledge of these things but I want to learn so badly! This project is just what I've always wanted to be able to learn this type of thing. A goal of mine in learning to code/program models, etc. is to pay it forward and help others make their dream games a reality.

    For right now, if you're interested in being a coder/programmer, you would basically be volunteering your time. HOWEVER, once we get up enough ideas, story, and a working demo I do plan on bringing this to Kickstarter so that I may pay you lovely people for your precious time and to put whatever is left over straight into the game by buying fancy models, etc.

    Communication is key! For those that want to become a staff member, or even a supporter, I will be setting up a Discord server and a forum. There we can discuss ideas, needed items/programs/etc., and have a good time building a community.

    Does this sound like a promising project to you? I'm sorry that I'm so terrible with words. I'm a bit all over the place at the moment with ideas. If you are seriously interested in becoming a staff member please fill out the form below and please either PM it to me or post here. The more detail you put it the more likely I am to hire you.

    Thank you so much for reading down this far (shame on you for just skipping XD). I really hope I live up to your expectations and am able to bring this game to you all in the coming years.


    (I hate mis-gendering people based on usernames alone)
    Time Zone:
    (I am in US Eastern Standard Time)
    Position: (Game Mod, Forum Mod, Discord Server Mod, Coder, Artist, Something I didn't think of)
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