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    My name is Natascha I. de Jong and I'm a student Game Developer from the Netherlands.
    For my first serious project I'm looking for a small team of (perhaps equally experienced) game developers and artists to share both workload and potential profits.
    The game in question is a multiplayer (on servers) medieval sandbox game with a skill-based directional combat system.

    Here the concept fraction of my game design document:
    Gather resources; wood, stone, iron, water, coal, flax. With these resources, build your crafting station. On this crafting station you use your resources to craft blocks. With these blocks you build your base. Use the crafting station again to create other stations, a forge for metal bars, a smithy to turn those bars into Armour and weaponry, a well to gather water over time and a farm to produce food over time. Is another player’s base being built, blocking your view? Craft a siege workshop and use it to craft a trebuchet to take it down.

    No leveling, no skill-points. Fights are based on the player’s skill in the game, not his hours spent grinding. Different weapons will have different reach and damage, different Armour types will offer different levels of protection and decrease the player’s movement speed. Hitboxes per head, body and legs, taking different amounts of damage for a fast or slow kill. Directional attacks, each of a different type, swinging from right to left will hit targets on the right side before hitting targets on the left side. Stabs have a longer reach whereas overhead attacks deal the most damage but are harder to hit. Well timed blocks to parry your opponent’s attacks or use a shield to hold up.

    Health, stamina, hunger, thirst. These are the bars on each player’s screen. When your hunger bar is empty, health starts dropping. When your thirst bar is empty, health starts dropping. When your health reaches zero, the player character dies and respawns like a new spawn, his body loot-able for a period of time. Stamina drops while sprinting, attacking, either failing or succeeding to parry and while successfully blocking an attack with a shield. When the player is out of stamina, the player can no longer perform actions that require stamina, with the exception of attacking with less damage dealt. Players suffering from low hunger and/or thirst will experience faster stamina depletion.

    The entire document consists of over 10.000 words over 41 pages, this document is the complete game on paper.

    The game is inspired by Reign of Kings back in it's alpha days until Code}{atch ruined it much like they did with their previous game.
    I intend to play on their mistake by luring their market with a Reign of Kings-alike game and trigger nostalgia to then hook the market by showing them a vast improvement of the game.

    With my team I intend to work with:
    • Unity 5
    • Coding Language C#
    • SourceTree
    • Trello.com
    • Proper documentation (Game Design Document, Technical Document, etc.)

    For now I'll need:
    • 3D Game Artists that can make low poly models, animations and simple icons.
    As I'm still a student myself I'd like to work with another novice to learn together while working on this project. I don't mind if you're not super skilled because neither am I. Sadly my course does not mix the developers with the artists during school projects.

    If you're interested feel free to email me at nidejong@st.noorderpoort.nl.
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