[PROFIT SHARE] Creating a MAJOR project about mental health.

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    Mar 10, 2019
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    as the title mentioned above, I'm starting to make a mental health project that isn't just ""I am sad."

    I'm really trying to create something that matters and gives out unique characters with relatable actions. It is a story game and has actual gameplay. I've been developing games for the past 4 years as an indie developer. I struggled with mental health my whole life and I've always thought about making something that would make other people feel something relatable.

    I have experience in a bit of everything, though this is a major project. I'm going to make it as a triple A game, if I can. I have experience in programming in Unity. That's the engine I will be using. 3D modeling, I am a writer, I can make *semi* decent music. I'm very fond of making a project like this. I've only made horror game projects in the past, and this is new.

    What am I looking for? Anything that could help.

    I will discuss more about the profit share, or even more of payment. I'm in a very bad state of life, and this is something that really inspires me to push forward. I want to give this a big chance and I do not want to back away from it.

    I will gladly give you more information if you message up via Discord = Freggles#2380 .

    Thank you so much! <3
  2. Narcoticum

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    Nov 21, 2021
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    Hey! I'm not messaging you because I wanna team up, I just wanna give you an advice how not to approach this project :)

    First of all, don't put all your hopes in this project for several reasons:
    • Doing a major project requires a lot of resources, planning, time and passion. Without the correct management, the project can easily fall apart
    • Don't try to do a huge team project as a start, as the project can easily get stuck in development hell. Reducing the scope but actually shipping something that you are satisfied with is a much better outcome than not shipping anything. The former can have even more negative effects on your current state
    • Don't have false picture in your head that you might not be able to achieve like trying to make it a AAA game. With a small team, it's most likely impossible
    Now that I wrote down the negatives, here are some positive, constructive comments:
    • Have a clear vision about what game exactly you want to make. With a clear vision, people - hopefully your future teammates - will follow you
    • Aim for something reachable. Maybe to finish a working prototype/demo. If you can do that and it's fun/engaging, you'll know that you can do more. Again, finishing something small is always better than not finishing something big :)
    • Join some discord servers where you can more easily reach out to other people to start working on something. For example, here's one where there are a lot of people looking for teammates: https://discord.gg/nC6vAah9Td
    • Finally, if you're in a bad state, have you considered reaching out to a professional? A therapy can do wonders for you! I've done a couple of them through my life and it always got me through some hard times
    Have fun developing!
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    May 24, 2022
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    I'm glad to see that more and more people want to develop such projects. I must say thank you. My sister committed suicide a year ago (she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was 17). We always wanted to believe that we were her support during her depressive phases, but her death showed us otherwise. It's very difficult and painful. We felt like we couldn't take it. When Mom found out she had a stroke, and for six months after receiving treatment, she couldn't walk, so we had to ask homecareassistance.com for help. I wish people would understand the importance of mental health.
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