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    Hello reader,

    This post is about my game, named Powercity 9000.
    Powercity 9000 is a city building game that's currently in alpha v1.1.
    The game has no goal yet, and only has a creative mode right now, where you can build your city however you want.

    The game lacks content right now, so I'd like to get feedback on:
    • gameplay (how the game works)
    • art
    • design
    • performance on different computers (+ if it's possible, your pc specs)
    • feedback on the player suggestions

    • Tiles/objects & main menu modding support
    • Isometric pixel art
    • Creative mode
    • A minimap
    • Bugged walking people in your city (if the setting is on)
    • Many tiles/objects to choose from
    • Controller support (basic)

    known problems in the latest version:
    • People are bugged in this version. You can disable people in the gameplay menu.
    • No key remapping and in-game menu yet.
    • Water needs a new texture system. (water is transparent on the edges, but it's actually only necessary when placed near other tiles.
    • Worlds get glitchy when loading a save after adding tiles/objects in the text file for modding. (Glitching doesn't happen when adding the new object/tile at the end of the text file.)
    • Controller support is very basic right now and isn't very good, but it should work.
    • A rare save/load bug on big worlds, where the rotation of several tiles is wrong.
    Suggestions from other people:
    ( (?) = I disagree with this) ( (!) = Maybe not possible (ex: font size, fixed button/gui size, ...)
    • Drop down menu for map size
    • Filling tool in creative
    • Eye dropper tool
    • Don't use void tiles (?)
    • Modding support for different tile/object resolutions
    • Multiple language support (!)
    • Cars/trains/... -> game ai
    You can suggest new things in the comments.

    System requirements:

    I need more players to test this game on different computers and collect some user data.

    Current version
    alpha v1.1

    Screenshots (some are from older versions)





    Video: main menu (old video)

    Screenshot: main menu NOW (moddable)


    Indiedb: http://www.indiedb.com/games/powercity-9000
    Itch.io: https://jxlle.itch.io/powercity-9000
    Gamejolt: http://gamejolt.com/games/powercity-9000/222003

    my twitter: https://twitter.com/JelleVandesijpe
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    Jan 10, 2017
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    Looks really nice, good start, my first suggestion just for marketing reasons maybe change the name, something like Retrosville or along those lines. Are you going to put it on PC, it might be a nice game to put on tablet.

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