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    Please follow these basic posting guidelines when posting to this forum:

    Title: Game title
    Screenshots/Video: Please include screenshots and/or video in the post itself or at least direct links to the screenshots/video.
    Game URL: Direct download link to the demo or for web-based games, a link to the actual game.
    System Requirements: A one line summary of which platforms your game runs on and basic hardware requirements
    Feedback Details: What kind of feedback you are interested in and/or in which areas of your game you would like feedback on
    Known Issues: List out any bugs you already know about

    Any extra information that you choose to include

    Threads not following the format guide are subject to removal.

    Replying to a post in this forum means you have something to contribute to the discussion or feedback: Expressing your opinion or (honest) criticism, Suggesting an improvement and sharing your view on the subject. Be nice and descriptive, if something is wrong, we want to know what makes you think that, if something is right, we want to know even more
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