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    May 19, 2016
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    Hi! My name is Luciano and I'm a Twitch streamer from Argentina.Well, my idea was to see your game and then to help you get to a bigger audience (in this case Latin American) to enjoy your games!
    I'm not a really big streamer but with this idea, I can expand my audience and by doing this, also your potential players grow as well!
    So, what I'm looking for is to get to see your games, maybe play them during some streams and making giveaways with as much copies as you want to give!
    Well, if you are interested in this idea, just go ahead and talk to me through:
    E-mail: dominguezluciano336@gmail.com
    During my streams: twitch.tv/kuaisenpai (Almost every day, 22:30 GMT-3)
    (Please, don't PM as I'm not really active in this forum)

    Thanks for reading,
    Hope to hear about you soon,
    Luciano Dominguez

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