Monster Illustrated Book [Volume Four]: Island Guardian - Ellie Fant

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    He is the descendant of the largest elephant in the world-the Mammoth. It is an animal that can adapt to cold climates in the phylum Chordata, Subphylum Vertebrate, Mammalia, Euzodia, Proboscis, Proboscis, Elephantidae. One of the largest mammals that have ever lived on land. It is a behemoth in the ice age.

    With the gradual warming of the global climate and the changing of times, tens of thousands of elephant tribes have disappeared in the long river of history.


    However, there is such a magical island where you will see the almost extinct elephant - the Ellie Fant. Even without the tall and mighty ancestors, future generations still follow the inculcates of their ancestors, and protection is the only mission.

    Once stationed in a field, the responsibility of guarding the field rests on the shoulders of the Ellie Fant.

    The large Long Noe does not bully the weak, but is dedicated to helping the weak to rebuild their homes. On the island, you can always see the busy figure of the Ellie Fant.
    After tens of thousands of years of reproduction and evolution, the Ellie Fant has a variety of abilities, flying is no longer just an exclusive skill for birds.

    The big ears of Ellie Fant are like the wings of a bird, soaring freely in the air, listening to news from outside the island;

    the warmth of the flickering big eyes can only be possessed through the vicissitudes of life; the Ellie Fant of personality always bring you a lot of joy!

    Want more stories about the Ellie Fant? Just follow Merge Go, We will update regularly~

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