Looking for some advice on how to be useful in the Indiegamer.com community

Discussion in 'Indie Basics' started by DragonbloodGS, May 11, 2016.

  1. DragonbloodGS

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    May 11, 2016
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    Hello everyone! As a passive reader for many months i want to start off by saying, im not really sure what to do. This website has helped me in so many ways throughout developing my many small scale prototype video games that i've made for practise, and without the help of many of the people from various threads, i don't know if would have gotten this far. And even though i've only begun pre-production on the first game i plan to release on the mobile platform through the Apple App Store, and Google play, i still feel like i owe this community something, and i'm excited to the point where i want to contribute as soon as i can, however im still a novice game designer, and i feel like my experiences are limited to the point where im not sure i can add anything of value that hasn't already been added. So that's where i stand now, as someone who wants to contribute, but isn't really sure how. So i was wondering, if any regulars come across my post, that perhaps you could give me some pointers on where to start, and the things i could do to start making some sort of impact. My struggle is where to start, because i have no clue. Anyways, i look forward to posting threads in the future, and perhaps even give people updates on my game's progress, im not sure, finding content is currently my main issue, so for now this is my ice breaker, to say im here and i want to start getting involved!

    My contact details for anyone interested in getting in touch for whatever reason is as follows;
    Email: dragonbloodgamestudios@gmail.com

    Thank you anyone who spends their time reading this, and an extra thanks to anyone who can provide me with some pointers/Advice. Have a good day!
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    Welcome to the site.
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  4. kevintrepanier

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    One of the best thing you can offer is going into the "Feedback request" forum and giving your impressions on games that ask for it. This is a great gift of time as a player's point of view is always tremendously useful for a developer.
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    Jul 15, 2016
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    i totally agree on that:)
    in my opinion and what i have seen so far everybody who opens a thread is thankful for every answer as long it tries to be constructiv :)
    dont be afraid to post something which is not perfect, it will still be able to keep a thread alive and to start discussions :)
    I think the game concept section is also a place for everybody, as there feedback from gamer view and just opinions are needed, too.


    Ps: (just do it^^)
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