Looking for Python programmer for 3D RPG

Discussion in 'Help Wanted (UNPAID AND PROFIT SHARING)' started by xTrayambak, May 2, 2022.

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  1. xTrayambak

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    May 2, 2022
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    Greetings, I am pretty new here. I am a game developer with 5 years of developer experience, I go under the alias of xTrayambak, but you can call me by my real name Trayambak. Pretty bland introduction, I know, but, let's leave that. So, I have been working on an indie MMORPG based around ancient myths from parts of the world for a while now, I've switched from Roblox prototypes to Unity, back to Roblox and then OpenGL, and I found Panda3D, and I'm glad to say it's good enough. It's a very powerful game framework in C++ for Python, and is the base rendering, AI, pathfinding, FSM and other things in my game's architecture. I've amassed 50k lines of code within 3-4 months by now, and the best part is the client is open source (xTrayambak/TheUntoldOdyssey_Client on Github); the server is proprietary however. I am in need of a programmer who is a bit experienced in Python and can get used to libraries via documentation to help me write code, as I am not enough to complete this. As the forum category suggests, profits are shared equally amongst all volunteers and if this becomes a startup and gets funding as per my country's government's startup funding policy, most, if not all volunteers will be hired with a real salary. I have currently managed to implement this into my 'engine'

    - Multiplayer (serialization, deserialization, basic server code, no gameplay just yet)
    - PBR (Tobias Springer's RenderPipeline)
    - Bias/weight based on situations ambience system
    - Entities
    - Physics (Bullet Engine)
    - Account system and account auth server (online as of right now)

    Contact me at:

    DISCORD: xTrayambak#8956
    EMAIL: xtrayambak@gmail.com
    DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/2ZycjAA

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