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  1. Brandon Lee

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    Jun 2, 2016
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    Greetings Everyone:

    My name is Brandon Lee, and I am the CEO of a new video game development studio, named Vulgaris Studios. Our goal is to create traditional RPGs with a blend of Anime aesthetics. We are, at the moment, searching for a development team for our upcoming best-seller, Final Arcane. Before we get into depth about what we need, let`s introduce the plot and storyline.


    500 years ago, the world was an empty void until the three

    Goddesses created the world of Arcania. Soon, two entities were well on

    their own in their own world. Those entities were Humans and Spirits.

    Humans possessed intellect, while Spirits had the power of Magic. The

    Humans and Spirits initially got along, and Spirits soon taught Humans their

    special skill. Hence, the humans became volatile. They were power-hungry

    and the Spirits took offense. An all-out war broke out, and soon the

    humans prevailed. Then the humans ravaged the Earth. They shifted their

    violent nature towards each other, and another great war broke out.

    However, one kingdom stood past the turmoil. That was the Kingdom of

    Nubes, lead by Queen Nexus. She was the most powerful sorcerer of her

    time, and soon she had the whole world under her control. However, she

    didn`t stop there. She soon became God-like, and wanted to control

    humanity. She chose not to destroy the humans because she was part

    human herself. She sought to control them by creating a being that would

    ravage the Earth and put fear into anyone who opposed her. She soon

    created the being, and it was named Kudgen. With power unparalleled,

    Kudgen put the Earth on its knees. The Goddesses trembled, but were

    determined to stop this insurrection. They created a sorcerer who could

    defeat Queen Nexus. His name was Sorcerer Damon. Once he launched

    onto Earth, he quickly dispatched on Queen Nexus and turned his attention

    towards Kudgen. Kudgen was unstoppable and pushed Damon to his limits.

    Damon had no choice but to seal him within the Earth and sap his power

    low to where it could not break free. After the war, the human race nearly

    was extinct. Humans essentially forgot magic, and Damon wanted it that

    way to prevent any more worldly struggles. He then created a system that

    would that would govern the world. That system was the Five Points Guild,

    five chief guilds headed by a Tribunal Council. These five guilds were:

    Lumen, Srequl, Aldix, Klavista, and Grandine. Lumen was supreme by all

    rights and was Arcania`s best guild. Srequel had the best navy, but they

    worked with pirates and privateers. Aldix had a brilliant Air Force, but often

    worked with the Yakuza. Klavista often did the dirty work of the Council

    who soon turned corrupt. Grandine was the world`s worst guild, a total

    outcast to the world because of its total inferiority.


    The story takes place in Arcania, 500 years after the Nubes

    Cataclysm. The main protagonist, Torus, is a dim-witted swordsman from

    the guild, Grandine. Grandine is the lowest-ranked guild in Arcania, and

    they are outcasts and ridiculed by their peers. Not to mention, they fail

    almost all of their missions. However, one day, Torus` childhood friend,

    Kurami, joins Grandine after training for 10 years. After attending their

    village festival, Grandine notices how special she is, and soon trouble starts

    as Daynes, the leader of Klavista, ambushes Grandine and takes Torus and

    Kurami captive. They soon escape, and Daynes reveals that he`s after

    Grandine because one of their members is the direct relative to Sorcerer

    Damon, the last magic user, the Amethyst which is none other than Kurami.

    The Council wants Kurami, and it`s not for any good intentions. Torus and

    Grandine must protect Kurami at all costs from the mystery man who plans

    to use Kurami to awaken his destiny, Kudgen.

    Alright, let`s get down to business. I am looking for a composer, 2D artist, concept artist, and programmers to help with our effort to make Final Arcane a worldwide success. I realize that working by myself will get me nowhere, so I am genuinely asking for your help. However, Vulgaris Studios is a start-up company. We cannot afford to pay anyone right now, but if you are still reading then know that you are in for a bigger reward. Believe it or not, publishers are all over these forums, and they scout for games that they believe are worthy of selling. Since this is our first project, it would make sense to make it the best way we know how so we can wow these publishers. It`s no different than the music industry. Producers want to see what you got before they sign you, so together, let`s show everyone what we got. I can assure you that this won`t be a meaningless project, or a project that will be released to fail. If I can get the help I need, I can focus on my part which are the business aspects. I can engineer crowdfunding campaigns, reach out to publishers, and market our games to the media and public. That is why I need your help because I cannot do it alone.

    I already have the personal contacts of hundreds of publishers, but it`s very complicated and nearly impossible to just sell your pitch to them and ask for their money and support without having at least a single project under your belt. That is why I am stressing that we make this project a blockbuster, mainly so these publishers can call us.

    I look forward to working with a team; I thrive in those situations. In all, I look forward to meeting everyone who wants to help me out and give me a shot. All interested candidates can contact me at vulgarisstudios@gmail.com, or they can just reply to the post. Thanks again for your attention. For the supporters, we have a lot of work to do. For the naysayers, just watch me do it.
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    Hello I can help you out with some concept art and/or design.
  3. peachtea

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    Jul 6, 2018
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    Woah, this all sounds and looks super cool! I'm Noah Cedeno, a young composer from Delaware, and I was interested in being a composer for your game. I'm really into RPGs and I love listening to and writing music for them. That said, I'd like to see if you'll have me in your studio. Here's some works that I think are appropriate for your game:

    Please do let me know about all this. I really like your idea, and I'm itching to get my works out there into the world of indie games!
  4. TopShank

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    Jul 14, 2018
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    Hi! I am interested in taking part in your journey as a concept artist/ 2D artist.

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