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    My name is Brandon Lee, and I am looking for multiple, skilled individuals to join my team, Vulgaris Studios. I have brainstormed a great video game and I need some help in getting it finished. What I am looking for are skilled, fun-loving unique people who will be dedicated to the project and have fun at the same time. What I offer is, for some, a breakthrough into the game development industry, incentives (Yes, money as well but read on), and an experience of working with a tight knit and friendly group that can serve as a career to those who take it seriously. For those who are interested, keep reading to find out more about this amazing opportunity.

    What is Vulgaris Studios?


    Vulgaris Studios is an independent video game studio. That's basically it. Although, what would make our brand different than the rest is our unique blend of anime, otaku culture, and the aesthetics of an action RPG. We want our players to both watch and play our games. That is why we will combine anime qualities in an action RPG to make our project the quintessence of a true anime, action RPG.

    Project Final Arcane


    The project that I have came up with is an anime, action RPG named Final Arcane. Final Arcane is an action adventure, Anime-inspired Role Playing Game (RPG) with elements of comedy, romance, and suspense. The player’s character, Torus, is tasked, along with his guild mates, to save the world of Arcania by protecting Kurami, the last magic user, from the hands of evil. Throughout his adventure, Torus must solve precarious puzzles, escape expansive dungeons and fight Arcania`s most powerful and deadly enemies whilst training to stop the mysterious villain Virgil, the Five Points Guild, and a mystery foe.

    Who We Need:

    Game Developers and Designers


    We are looking for game developers and designers who know basic scripting knowledge (Ruby) and knowledge on RPG Maker VX Ace's basic functions. You don't have to be an expert, but just have some basic skills. I am a developer myself so, I will assist the successful candidates in day to day operations. To apply, just email me at vulgarisstudios@gmail.com with why you would be a good fit.

    Map Artists, Concept Artists, and 2D Artists

    We are looking for map artists, concept artists, and 2D artists for our upcoming project.

    As for map artists, we are looking for individuals with craftiness and who are unique.


    Furthermore, our demands for concepts artists is for them to have the knowledge to draw in anime style, since anime is a major inspiration for Final Arcane.


    2D artists should know how to create character sprites, animation sprites, map sprites, and Animated Battlers. Those interested can email me at vulgarisstudios@gmail.com with samples of their work.



    The soundtrack of a game is just as important as its visuals and game play. Therefore, each composer can apply with their own skill set with what they believe can make a great soundtrack. If you notice, the most popular soundtracks are unique, they are a blend of multiple genres of music, beautifully composed into one piece of art. However, a must for composers who work with us is for them to blend their work with that of OST styles of anime. Here is an example:


    Notice how the OST of this anime is designed? This is what I am actually looking for in a composer, the ability to blend anime influenced music with their own personal style. If you are interested, email me at vulgarisstudios@gmail.com with some sample tracks.

    Game Writers

    If you feel you can add to the plot of the game, then I would love to hear from you. You can email me personally at vulgarisstudios@gmail.com.

    2D and 3D Animators

    Anyone who has the ability to make trailers, mini movies, or other animations, please get in contact with us at vulgarisstudios@gmail.com.

    Team Lead

    If you feel that you have the ability to lead a small team with a big goal, then feel free to talk to me at vulgarisstudios@gmail.com. Please apply with a small essay on why you would be a great leader. This position is also open to those who have applied for the positions above, or who are anticipating.

    Voice Actors:

    No, you do not have to be an expert, or have any experience. We have the equipment and we are just looking for people who would be generous enough to lend their voice to us. Anyone can apply with a recording of their voice to vulgarisstudios@gmail.com, just introduce yourself during the recording.

    Interview Process

    We interview every application usually instantly, so be prepared to chat if you apply.


    As of right now, we cannot pay our staff because we have just began. However, we will participate in crowdfunding and direct publishing opportunities. As a matter of fact, we have quite a few of people on our staff that has had success with Kickstarter, and a number of publishers that would happily fund our project. We just need assets. If we can get some assets such as art, music, and voices, we can prove to these backers that we are worth funding.

    Final Note:

    I am looking forward to seeing some great applications, and I will get back with all applicants shortly. I wish you all the best of luck no matter what. Thanks!

    -CEO and Founder

    Brandon Lee

    Vulgaris Studios
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    I just sent you an email about composition. This concept sounds great.

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