Looking for artists to help develop a FPS horror game

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    We are working on a 1v3 horror FPS (think like a reverse Dead By Daylight) and we are looking for a few more devs to complete the team and help us build the game - this is a new project we are starting from ground-up and development will be split into 2 major phases

    Specifically, we are looking for:
    Weapons Artist:
    Who will mostly be creating 4 base weapons (2 assault rifles, a pump shotgun and standard pistol) that will need to be highly customizable for various attachments like scopes, flashlight, laser sight, foregrips, etc (we have a doc detailing all the weapon assets and how they function from a design and implementation standpoint)

    Character Animator:
    Someone who has an understanding of motion and is willing to learn an asset called UMotion (helps create dynamic animations from within Unity), or someone experienced with Blender or Autodesk to create unique animations - most of these animations are motion and combat such as running, jumping, punching, etc, and weapon animations like reloading, running with gun, switching to different guns, etc

    UI/Graphics Artist:
    Who will mostly be creating visual elements, spritesheets and "UI packs" for a settings menu, game HUD's overlays (like the pause menu and customization menu), these are things like sliders, health bars, info panels, buttons, etc
    There may also be general graphics work mostly for detailed logos/icons (with color, and shadow/depth) and silhouettes/symbols

    Please read the full details for each role here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QU6QwfOVfUiVxinBilSFZj0BNGTPTVvkV0B3IU8_SXM

    We have a GDD and many other docs explaining the projects details, roadmap and plans for development, really all that's left to do is... To get started o.o

    We are interested in working with individuals only. You will be joining a team for several months of development. Please do not contact us if you are a company, representative or contractor. We will not reply.

    We have other games as well: https://simplemindedgames.weebly.com/
    I am Dibbie, the lead programmer and project manager for all our games, this is a completely new project from the ground-up, so we are currently working to build a prototype sandbox/editor that will be used to both build and debug the game throughout development, so that will be the next few months of development

    Email: simplemindedgamesdev@gmail.com
    Discord: Dibbie#0408

    Interested in joining? Please send your website or at least 2 examples of your work to us either by email or through Discord

    Have questions? Feel free to ask! There are no dumb questions, it probably means I missed something (that happens sometimes o.o) - Send us an email with your questions or a message on Discord, we also have a community server you can ping me from: https://discord.gg/sbSffMGE3Q
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