looking for an artist to replace a background screen

Discussion in 'Help Wanted (PAID ONLY)' started by lennard, Apr 27, 2022.

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    I'm looking for a contract artist to replace a background screen in my free to play web game called Business Empire. The art style is whimsical as can be seen from the building below. I have an isometric image that I created that I am currently using as a placeholder and that would be used as a template for the layout. Buildings are overlaid onto that background at runtime. I'm looking for something in a vector format that I can edit with Affinity Designer so I can adjust things if need be.

    This would be a fixed price work for hire and I use Paypal to fulfill payments. Message me if interested along with a link to your website and I'll get back to you if I think we are a good fit. Thanks all!

    You can see the pre-beta version of the game itself at www.RustyAxe.com


    and here is the template file you would be replacing with something prettier!

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    I am a vector illustrator with a lot of experience. I can definitely create art assets like the ones you posted. Here is some info about me:

    My name is Eli Stergiouli and I am a 2D game artist and Animator(Spine 2D skeletal animation), specializing in vector design with 4 years experience under my belt. My time zone is UTC+3.

    Some of the 2D game assets I can design:

    • Animations: (Using Spine, Unity, Unreal engine and Godot) character/monster animations, UI animations, cut scenes

    • UI/UX: Mock-ups, UI assets, icons

    • Environmental art: props, vegetation, backgrounds, guns, tools, tiles, seamless patterns

    • Illustrations: avatars, characters, marketing material

    • Concept art: monsters, backgrounds, clothes

    • Pixel art: characters, backgrounds, props, and animations.
    The software I mainly use:

    • Vector art: Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape

    • Raster art: Photoshop, Gimp, Krita, Aseprite, Pyxel edit

    • Skeletal Animation and UI design: Spine, Unity, Unreal engine, Godot, Figma, Krita

    • GIT for version control
    Because of my background with collaborating in teams of artists I am experienced in imitating other art styles, so if you don't see the kind that you envision for your game in my portfolio that won't be a problem.

    I have mainly worked with a team of people for international clients, so I am both familiar with the Scrum agile framework and proper review cycles. Also, my programming background and my experience as an artist has helped me a lot with developing good communication skills across many different cultural backgrounds and types of teams. Moreover I mainly work with NDAs and contracts.

    Links to my portfolio, resume and socials: https://linktr.ee/eli_stergiouli

    Contact: email me at (elistergiouli@ekastos.com) or send me a friend request on discord (astroneli#1492)

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