Looking for 2D graphics designer for a Dungeon Crawler game

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  1. Yes , very much experience I have worked and in other game project too.

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  2. Yes , enough experience to create nice 2D graphics

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  3. Yes , enough experience even if I haven't made graphics for games in the past

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  1. Panagiotis

    Panagiotis New Member

    Aug 16, 2016
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    I am a programmer and I am developing one role playing dungeon crawler video game.

    Here is my story:
    I am a fun of dungeon crawler game "Eye of the Beholder" , I was played the game since 1991 , I liked very much and I was looking to create one remake. I begun to make research how to develop my own. I begun to program the game since 1996. I made a research and I used many different programming languages. During years was passed and technology was improved , I developed my own engine from scratch.

    At the beginning the game was intent to be just a remake but later on my engine became more advanced and I decided to create a complete new game , the next episode of the "Eye of the Beholder" series.
    The initial companies which created this game were the "Westwood Studios" and "Strategic Simulations".
    Both companies went out of business. After that no one ever created another "Eye of the Beholder" game.
    I was decided to create the "Eye of the Beholder 4". The "Eye of the Beholder 1 and 2" was successful and were developed by Westwood Studios. The "Eye of the Beholder 3" wasn't so successful because "Westwood Studios was separated form Strategic Simulations" and the "Strategic Simulations" created the "Eye of the Beholder 3" alone. These game were released from 1991 to 1993 and nothing else was developed after that.
    Both companies when out of business and these kind of games was outdated. More of the games are 3D shooters now. I made a research and I found that a company with name "Wizards of the Coast" keep the copyrights of the "Dungeons and Dragons" rules. The game "Eye of the Beholder" used this rules and I got in contact with "Wizards of the Coast" to allow me to use the "Dungeons and Dragons" rules for me. The "Wizards" wasn't able to allow the usage of the "Dungeons and Dragons" rules for now , might be in the future , but not for now including some names from "Books and Novels". So I decided to change the name of the game from "Eye of the Beholder" to "The Dark lord Beholder". I will create my own rules under the name "Monsters & Traps" (It was "Dungeons & Dragons"). The original game campaign settings was under the name "Forgotten Realms" I will use my own campaign settings with name "Mystic Realms".
    I have my own rules , my own new logos , my own new campaigns so the "Wizards of the Coast" will not have any problem. Changing and the name of the game , there will not be a problem.

    The game engine is genuine and created from scratch , the programming language is genuine too and the graphics software I am creating some graphics here is genuine too.

    So I will create a new nice game with name "The Dark lord Beholder" which it will be the continuation of the old classic series.
    I am looking for graphics designer who is able to create nice 2D graphics , like game items , environment decoration , chests , barrels , fountains , torches , wallsets , monsters , animations , introduction , buildings etc..

    The game keeps the original feeling and appearance of the classic game series but the interface have changed. The gameplay is the same and very similar to the Eye of the Beholder 2.


    Many people liked the original interface of the old Eye of the Beholder series , In my game initially I had 2 players for the party and 2 NPCs to curry on. But I improved my interface and I increase the game resolution changing the interface to fit 3 Players in the party , plus 2 NPCs


    A nice and unique game needs lots of graphics , I am looking for a graphic designer who is able to design 2D graphics in this stile cartoonist , not cartoon (Not comic , not Disney).
    Yes I know the work of a graphics designer is hard and long , I am looking for the graphics designer who want to partner with me and join in my team or create the team.
    The game is going to be funded to indiegogo and later on is going to be sold to Steam Powered.
    We will share the profits. But during the development any profit we will have , will go the development costs , advertisement , website and host , I am not asking the designer to create thousands of graphics , at least the graphics will be needed for the demo at the beginning.
    If the designer will be interested and be serious , I will not ask for tight deadlines and hard pressure.
    I am working with the engine here and the game is not completely finished so there is plenty of time for the designer to create the graphics I need and after each graphic completion the graphic will be added in the game and the next version will be released until the demo.
    If the designer will be the best and have the patience we will finish whole project.

    If you need more information about the game you can see the facebook fun page.

    I am waiting for serious proposals.
    All interested designers must have some game making graphics in their portfolios to see examples.
    Thank you very much you read my message.

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