[Kickstarter] Aeternum Vale, an atmospheric & melodic 2D pixel-art adventure

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    Hey everyone !

    Today, Aeternum Vale, my first & solo developed game, went live on Kickstarter ! :D

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Aeternum Vale is a melodic & atmospheric 2D pixel-art adventure through a strange and uncharted world, full of riddles and mysteries, set somewhere between a puzzle platformer and a Metroidvania. You will have to roam this huge handcrafted world, uncovering secret paths and new abilities enabling you to keep exploring further and further these strange unexplored lands, while facing a wide array of enemies and deadly bosses. But the soul of the project resides in its evocative storytelling, told through the world itself and an endearing cast of wacky characters. Through this unwordly mist, YOU are the main character. This is YOUR story. YOU are lost.

    But Everybody gets lost.

    And it's time to find the way back.

    • 5 unique looking areas, all interconnected into a diverse and dangerous handcrafted world filled with foes and secrets. Exploration is key, and the world is vast
    • A plethora of funny, weird, and scary NPCs to engage with. Some will guide you with a puzzle, some will get you even more lost with riddles. Some will throw a joke at you. Some will just be creepily watching over you.
    • Progression through abilities only: gain dashing, dash super-jumping, wall-clinging, gliding, and more to progress through the world. No leveling up or finding an epic sword that will one-shot your enemies. Your skill is your only weapon against your adversaries.
    • Get to know the world around you : there is no map of this place. You might be able to ask for directions and advices, but be prepared to get lost. A lot.
    • An atmospheric story-telling experience. The game is not here to give you answers, but rather to ask questions. You will have to find the answers yourself.

    Being my very first game, I obviously don't have much of a community to show for yet, and it makes marketing the campaign quite difficult. Any help, wether it be by pledging or just sharing the good word, is of course super appreciated ! :oops:

    If you want to know more, you can also join our little community on Discord : https://discord.gg/S4hCcE7

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