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    HP, Stam. & MP Start off at 100 & that is from creation... It won't go up, Stam. is all that refills. on its own...Food for HP & MP Rest to gain 1 a sec

    INT=How much you can learn & magic attack/power ... Con=how a person is built or his physical condition: It can mean being frail, fragile, or small. STR= How hard you hit & how much you can carry. .. AGL:=How fast you are...

    Crafting I Think Martel Online has a awesome sounding sys, try out resources & make a unique item Gathering If you cut a tree it falls. mine a rock it crumbles & harvest a plant it disappears (Life is feudal) Loot Animals don't have gold, weapons or items if you want loot harvest with a skinning knife to get skin, a butchers knife for meat/bones, humans might have stuff in inventory & WYSIWYG if you see it on them, they die, you can loot it Building sys (Conan Exiles) Build freely, make buildings look how you want World destructible PvP Free for all, Full loot & no safe zones...

    Combat: Action, no target & kill with a few buttons.

    I love the terraforming in Life is Feudal, but I don't want jerks on the server to use it for taking advantage of others, but in LiF I don't think it is a prob... I do love that a mine has to be dug for metals, a tree comes down when you cut it & has to be replanted, LiF has a great gathering sys... Plus, the NPC sys in CE is cool. catch & break a ______ to have them do that job... Maybe, there should be anither way also though...

    1. Build where & how you want... The building can get destroyed by players or the environment...

    2. Craft something new by combining ingredients & see what they make... Oh you have paper write it down, keep it or go somewhere, hide it in a chest you make for a player to find...

    3. Gathering effects the world, you cut down a tree, that turns into a log that you saw for resourses. just think like the gathering sys in LiF... Then replant them.. Mines you dig for metal/coal/stone. Sorry I am not sure how to explain it without referencing the game...

    4. Loot that makes since, why would a bear have $$ or a sword... You can get hide/pelt/meat/bones... Also if you see it you also get it... If a bandit has a sword you get it in his loot,,,

    5. I love teraiforming, it is cool to be able to change the land... So if water or something gets unblocked it runs/spills out...

    6. The skill you have to learn the harder ones from a book/NPC teacher,,, Plus, how I want the INT to effect how much & what you can learn... You can read a book to do something not leaned...

    7. You can hire or force a NPC to work for you... They will not stay if abandoned though..

    CE (Conan exiles).
    LiF (Life is Feudal)
    MO (Mortal online)

    The world is populated by animals & NPCs you can hire or force to work for you... (CE's Thrall system basically)...

    When you start, you can learn basic crafting (make stone tools, stone weapons, & course Armour [plant fiber shirt, gloves, pants & shoes] with no teacher/book/scroll, like CE accept the none basic needs to be from a teacher/book/scroll...

    I like in CE that you need a bench for advanced craft, like artisan's/armour's/blacksmith's bench, etc for making some things... Unlike CE you oe a worker need to be at the crafting area to craft (not automatic crafting machines)...

    Weather effects you, you can starve or die of thirst...

    If you have meat or put poison on it throw it to a wolf to poison them, or just throw meat & run away so you are not chased......

    It will not be hard to get started, you cane learn to make crude tools & gear like in CE &LiF,,,

    Hmmm, a government sys might be interesting, how to do it exactly though (the country it is played in in the real world it what it will be)...

    All the none crude items need a station, CE is a good example you can make ssimple stone weapons,gathering tools, a small chest, bedrolls, simple cloths from plant fiber & a torch,,, More advanced items/tools/weapons/amours need a station & unless you stay to craft it, it will need a npc worker... Some things have to be gathered with stations (fish trap, etc)

    Eve online has a great security sys, it would fit nicely... Plus how areas can be taken over & controlled is cool..

    Hmmm, Wurm may be a good one to build from, the gathering/crafting looks great...

    Reactive environment, if it is winter outside or a cold area, water will freeze if it is cold enough... Heat can melt/dry/evaporate...
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    How much people will be working on it?
  3. edward78

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    I wish I had the $$ & resources for a team... Ideas are all I have...

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