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Discussion in 'Game Development (Technical)' started by Lukasz Czocher, May 1, 2021.

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    I'm Luke and with my friend we are working on Unreal Engine 4 a toolset/plugin for creating different types of strategy games. Code for it is created in c++ to get best performance.
    We both love RTS/City builder and tycoon games and before starting our own we were checking market for tools to simplify our development – sadly we have not found any.
    This triggered an idea if we could create such toolset for RTS, city Builder and tycoon game during work on our own game. We think this could be a great addition to game developers community as it could allow more people to develop games.

    As technology demonstration we are working on our own city builder game named Raise Your Civilization. If you would be interested in development progress you can follow us on twitter:


    Developers will be able to find following items in this toolset:
    - AI for characters, animals (birds, mammals, fish), planes, ships, cars
    - Different styles of procedural terrain with procedural foliage/herds generators
    - Multiple path finding systems (ie. grid, path following)
    - Few types of building construction system
    - Logic for different style of buildings : houses, storehouses, workplaces.
    - Logic for items and production flows.
    - Multiple shaders for terrain, seasons, plant growth and more
    - Support for large number of actors and all of this optimized to get best performance.
    - Few HUD designs and hud components if someone would like to build their one one.
    - Few test maps to validate logic

    Here is a demo – still work in progress so integration is partially completed but it demonstrates the core idea behind this plugin:

    Looking for feedback and if you would like to check this kind of plugin:)

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