How Mobile Marketing Trends Changed the UA Strategies in 2022

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    The skyrocketing transition from desktop computers to mobile devices as the platform for internet access is a cause for alarm in the last few years. Besides, there is a high possibility that you are reading this post right now from your phone.

    According to a recent report by Oberlo, the number of smartphone users worldwide increased from 5.643 billion in 2019 to 6.378 billion as of 2021 and is expected to grow to 7.516 in 2026. This is an 88% increase in just three years.


    What is the impact of these statistics on marketers and business owners?

    With so many digital touchpoints available, mobile marketing has provided business owners and marketers the opportunity to connect and engage with their customers than ever before.

    However, how have mobile marketing trends in 2021 changed user analysis strategies?

    Before we get into the details, let’s have a brief review of the changes:

    ● The post-epidemic era had an impact on the mobile environment

    ● The iOS privacy policy update has severely hit the advertising business

    ● With the advent of the short video era, video ads are more popular and account for a higher proportion

    ● The development of 5G, etc.

    Changes in the mobile marketing industry in 2021

    1. Post-epidemic

    The pandemic affected all sectors – the way we work, socialize, study, and communicate has all changed due to COVID-19. As a result, we're using more apps and spending more time on our gadgets.

    Not just that, Apps are increasingly utilized for everything from business meetings to recreational activities and more. At the same time, consumer spending on apps reached a new high of $133 billion, which is a 20% increase over that of 2020.

    What impact did these changes have on the mobile advertising marketing industry? As we know, before COVID-19, the difference in ad revenue generated by mobile apps between weekends and weekdays was high. People had more free time to play games on their phones on the weekends.

    However, when the pandemic started, this gap decreased significantly. Most end-users spent more time indoor and on their mobile devices. This effect has therefore reduced the difference between app revenue and downloads during weekdays and weekends.

    2. iOS Privacy Policy

    The update of iOS 14 privacy consists of a permissions dialog asking the user to access their IDFA before any tracking occurs, before any app launch takes place, and even before opening any kind of feature within the app.

    This change has brought huge challenges, especially for marketers. Besides, this update has prompted developers to move to Android. Many developers now spend their time and resources growing their games on Android instead of iOS.

    Let’s examine the effect of this update in four areas:

    # There is an Increase of Advertisers on the Android Platform

    According to a report by Post-IDFA Alliance, only 36.5% of iOS 14.5 users are opting into ad tracking, causing advertisers to move to Android. These companies' Android advertising spending has risen from 8.3% to 21%.

    This growing trend is accompanied by a slight decline in iOS advertising spending. After the privacy policy was released in September last year, starting from Q4 2020, advertisers on Android and iOS platforms have undergone some changes, which are especially reflected in mobile games advertising.

    According to the data from SocialPeta, advertisers on Android are increasing, while advertisers on iOS are opposite.


    (Trends in the number of advertisers on Android and iOS platforms in 2020 Q4 - 2021 Q3)

    In addition, in the report published by SocialPeta in October this year, Android advertisers were far beyond iOS.


    # Significant growth in Facebook CPI of the Android platform in 2021


    The average CPI in 2021 is 18.73 USD, which increased nearly 300% over last year. The CPI in May reached its annual peak of 23.35 USD, while this data was only 4.86 USD a year earlier.

    The number of Android advertisers increased slightly throughout the whole year, but the average amount of creatives increased a lot, resulting in fierce competition in the advertising market, increasing the difficulty of acquiring users, so the CPI rose sharply in 2021.

    # Advertisers Are Focusing More on Android Optimization

    With the growth in revenue and CPI on Android, developers see real benefits in optimizing campaigns on Android than Ios for maximizing scale and revenue.

    In addition to the optimization of the game itself, it should also pay more attention to the optimization of advertising creatives, using high-quality content to attract more users.

    # Share of ad revenue on Android is growing

    According to data from Sensor Tower, the overall consumer spending on in-app purchases, premium apps, and subscriptions grew from $29.2 billion to $33.6 billion in Q3 2021. This is an increase of 15.1% as compared to that of 2020. Besides, this increase trailed the growth experienced in the first half of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020.

    The growth was driven mainly by Google Play, which saw consumer spending grow by 18.6% from $10.2 billion to $12.1 billion.

    In addition, over the last four years, Android has experienced a 167% increase in revenue. The majority of this increase occurred within the last two years as emerging countries (where Android is most popular) have begun to raise average revenue per user.

    We should expect the difference between these two operating systems to continue to decrease as Google adds additional capabilities for developers to generate money.

    3. Video Marketing

    Over 93% of marketers that use video claim it is a fundamental part of marketing strategy. A well-executed video marketing campaign can boost the success rate by 31%.


    Also, data from SocialPeta shows that the percentage of video creatives increased by 73% in 2021 compared to 2020.


    How To Cope With The Above Changes

    1. In-app ads can be a better UA channel

    Apps for homes, offices, online educations, fitness, short videos, casual games, and more increased sharply during the pandemic. Besides, with an increase in mobile users, running in-app ads in these apps may bring a group of high-quality active users.

    2. Increase advertising efforts on the Android platform

    Let us consider two advertising efforts to improvise to have the best return:

    ● Master the advertising cost benchmarks

    Before increasing your advertising efforts, it is essential to conduct a research on the costs of your target market. Different types of applications or games, in different regions, have corresponding cost standards and unique strategies to have the best ROI. You can optimize the tips on your ad and expect to receive a massive result in return.

    (SocialPeta: 2021 H1 CPM statistics)

    Analyze Your Competitors

    As of 2021, there are about 155k+ Android advertisers on the global advertising platforms. As we mentioned before, the number of creatives placed by a single advertiser is also increasing, so the competition on the Android platform will become more intense. Analyzing the advertising strategies and performance of competitors will be the key for your products to stand out from the fierce competition.

    3. Pay more attention to video ad form

    Many people believe that video ads are 5 times more effective than static media ads. This is more obvious in mobile game advertising. A simple gameplay display video is far more effective than an image format. Of course, the creativity of video advertising is not limited to gameplay display.

    In SocialPeta backend data, a total of 980M+ advertising creatives have been captured from more than 80 advertising platforms around the world. No matter which field your product is in, you can always find the inspirations you want from those ads with millions of impressions.



    Mobile marketing is not a mirage – it is the future!

    In addition, mobile marketing is an elusive and constantly changing field that is becoming too important to neglect in marketing strategies. There are several success stories and case studies of growth facilitated by mobile marketing, and it is high time you jump on the train to meet your audience where they are – mobile.

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