[Hobby] Looking for a Team for my Turn-based RPG

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    I've recently started developing a turn based RPG. I'm going into my fourth year of a Computer Science major, so I understand the basics of programming. Programming for games is new to me, but I'm learning. I recently finished a prototype for my RPG. I also write as a hobby and I enjoy designing gameplay, and am in fact starting a minor in it. I originally intended to learn modeling and animating as well so I could make the whole game. I still intend to learn those things, but I want to focus on programming, writing, and designing the core gameplay. That's why I've come here.

    About the Game

    The game is a fairly simple turn-based RPG, implementing an active time battle system that is intended as a sort of hybrid of Final Fantasy VI and XIII, leaning more toward VI. The game is in 3D as well. It's fairly linear, as the story mostly dictates when you can progress to the next area, but I intend to have some side quests and activities so it's not just a glorified hallway. There will also be towns and dungeons. The game does not use totally random encounters. You can see enemies on the map, and if you touch them you are sent into a battle. You're guaranteed to encounter at least one enemy that corresponds to the one on the map. I'm making this game in Unity with C#.

    As far as my plans for the game, I would like to make it as complete as we can. I want it to have as many components of a released game as we can. And if it proves of suitable quality, I would have no problem releasing it and sharing the revenue. Right now, though, this is strictly a hobby and practice project.

    Positions I'm Looking For

    I'll consider any position, as I want this to be as complete a game as possible. However, the most pressing concerns are:

    - 3D Modelers, riggers, animators, texture and material artists, etc. Ideally an animator would be able to do both in-game and cutscene animations, but cutscenes are a ways off so that's not urgent. I would like the modelers to be able to do anime-style characters.

    - Concept artists/Character Designers. Again, people who can draw anime-style characters are preferred.

    - Level Designers.

    - Programmers. As I said, I can program, but I think it would be best to have multiple programmers, to improve both the workflow and the code being written.

    - Writers. I can write the story, but for the same reason as programmers, I think it would be best to have multiple writers. It will also help with creating side quests.

    As I said, if you can fill another position, feel free to contact me. You can do so via PM here, or email me at jordestoj@yahoo.com. I'd actually prefer a PM because emails get buried quickly, but either is fine. Once you're on the team, we'll use Discord to communicate.

    Thank you for your interest and any assistance you can give.
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    I am a designer, just drew my avatar photo myself. Anime style as you preferred
    you can talk to me IryAngel#6582
    I am able to use blender, but never worked in a pipeline before.
    Hope we can learn from each other

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