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    The Project
    The Foundation of Centennia City is a love letter to the genre of mystery investigation visual novels, set in a futuristic, dystopian city on the verge of a climate disaster, the story follows a humble corporate construction team: Squad 44; who's members find themselves thrust into an incredible conspiracy. Team members will get acces to my google document, which has all of the details of the story.

    Here's some amazing art by our character artist: Salene Tarling: https://www.artstation.com/salenetarling
    of one of the key members of Squad 44: Rowan Graves! ro.jpg
    This project will be developed entirely in RenPy, the visual novel maker, and is still very much in it's early stages. However I am determined to see this story fully realized, and hope to make some great connections with other visual novel and mystery lovers. Team members will of course be paid regularly for their services, that I can assure.

    Role: Script/Co-Writer
    1. Help me write the dialouge of various scenes, which is currently being written
    2. Give me feedback on the story and characters, which are still being realized
    3. Be involved in the project, and show genuine interest in the story

    I am flexible with my rates, and understand that most writer's charge by the letter or word, however I'm looking for someone who will be an involved member of the team, and work with me to create the best story possible

    Role: Environment Artist

    1. Design original Cyberpunk-inspired locations for our characters to inhabit throughout various scenes
    2. Work with our character artist, Salene to make sure that your styles will work well together
    3. Help bring my concept art of various futuristic locations to life

    Again, I am flexible with my rates.

    To Join

    If you are interested in joining this project, message me on this site, and we can get connected through Discord if you seem like a good fit! Let me know if you have a different set of skills and still want to get involved in the project, I'd love to make any new connections!


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