[help wanted] Looking for a 2D graphics designer/creator for a top/down fantasy mmorpg

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    You can find a preview of my game here:


    I'm looking for someone who can take over the graphical side of the game for me.

    The spider is something temporary, this should become a wizard flying around on a cloud.
    The game also needs several monsters.

    I love the current tileset, but the collisions are very messy because of the tileset.
    Some extended areas like desert, volcano, ... would be awesome too.

    My plan for the game is to have a wizard that gets stronger as he kills monsters and finds loot while exploring the world.

    Some monsters will be impossible to beat by yourself and will require help of other players.
    I'll also be adding PvP areas.

    The game will be perma-death. When you die, your character is gone and you have to start over.
    I will probably allow some loot to be stored in a stash or chest that you keep even after death.
    On reaching certain milepoints, you will also progress faster with your new character to promote replayability.

    My idea is to have several different leveling paths that a player can take, so he can always try something new/different when starting over.

    I myself have 0 experience is creating images and only a little experience in working with them.
    So I'm looking for someone who can do all of this.

    What I need most right now is the wizard on top of a cloud sprite(s).
    This needs to be a single top-down image that can rotate 360° and it should be obvious which way the wizard is facing. The image will be resized to around 50x50px but the image itself may be larger.
    For my collisions it's important that the wizard sprite is square and that the cloud fills most of the square up.
    It would be awesome if the sprite has several images that indicate thrust and movement.
    (Thrust and thrust direction can be different from movement direction.)

    In the future I'd like to implement similar wizard sprites for different classes, with a bit of a different color/look.

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