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    Hi there!
    There is an PC indie-game by Storm Game Studio Team about crazy sphere which called "Groovy". I want to tell you about it a little.
    Groovy is a robotic sphere that is in abstract and crazy world of mechanisms. The game has three completely different game modes. Also, you will encounter a “hyper-levels”. In this levels Groovy from one game mode moves to another within one level. It will be fun and crazy hard!
    A ball movement limited by its electric charge. The height of the jump presence of vapor traction. All of these factors cause the players to create their own strategy and approach for the pass the next level. And it will be very difficult!
    The game results are displayed on a specially designed on-line table of records (work in test mode now) –

    Key Features

    -Full 3D world.
    -30 unique game levels in Arcade Mode
    -Hundreds iterations levels in Survival mode.
    -PvP Multiplayer Arena
    -Steam Achievments
    -Hundreds of special effects.
    -50 audio composition in Electronic, Trance and Dark Techno.
    -Randomly behavior of level’s elements make the passage Groovy memorable, fun and terribly complicated!
    -Dozens of customizable skins.
    -On-line table of records with the results of players from around the world!
    The game does not require localization and translation.
    Short gameplay video from Sector-A, level 5

    And Sector-S a.k.a. Survive Mode

    Fresh demo-version is coming soon!

    If you want to see more details, videos and screenshots about "Groovy" or our team, you can go to the next links:
    SGS Team Page:
    Facebook Page:
    Twitter Page:
    Steam Page:
    IndieDB Page:

    Thank you for attention! It is very important for us!;)
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    Game looks awesome. It has a great look and seems to be hours of fun. The physics feel nice and light. As a musician and sound designer I listen to audio first and it seems to be a little heavy handed.

    Let me explain: (you'll probably want to show this to your sound guys. Ill be getting a little technical)
    First and foremost, there are sound effects (I played the demo and I'm pretty sure it is associated with the ball moving) that are rhythmic and have a percussive nature that is really messing with the rhythm sections of the music making it sound like a novice DJ is learning how to mix on his new turn tables for the first time. This really brings down the overall experience and HIGHLY recommend addressing.

    The other thing I noticed (and its not as much of a problem as the last) is that the audio tracks don't blend well with the sound effects. Often the sound effects have a chord associated with them. When you are sitting on the recharge pad in the first video, or when you collect an orb in the second for example. These triggered sounds are not in the same KEY as the backing music. It makes for a hectic audio experience which I cant imagine is the goal taking in to account the over all "lightheartedness" of the music.

    How to fix?
    As far as the rhythmic sounds effects issue I think you should just change the moving sound effect to some kind of drone or just get rid of it all together. The rhythmic nature of the ball sound could be really cool IF the music had no strong rhythms (take a look at the Osmos Sound Track for an example) But at this point which would you rather change. The music or the sound effect lol.

    The second issue, as I said before, isn't as jarring and harder to fix but this is how I would do it.

    I think you got 2 options. First you can rethink the sound effects by either removing tonality which may be less pleasant. Using something like white or pink noise risers for example. Trust me, you can do A LOT with white and pink noise. Or use automated pitch bending either up or down on the current ones (they rise or lower in in pitch quickly as soon as they are triggered, thus removing any key association to the listener) You can really make some awesome sound effects this way.

    The second more difficult (but probably what I would do) option is to have the sound effects in key with the music. This is difficult because the game boasts 50 audio compositions. You obviously would have to cut that number drastically down to maybe ten. Using a main theme with a slew of supporting tracks has many advantages though. First and foremost being an audio identity for the game which can make a dull game seem way more exciting (see Darren Korb's work on the game Transistor) or vise versa if done poorly. Using the circle of fifths and/or the Camelot Wheel, you can make sure that there is plenty of verity in the music and sound effects but they all mix well with each other easily.

    I dont know how much your willing to address at this stage of development but the game would benefit greatly. I hope you find some of this useful (if you do ill take a profits cut from the sound guys thanks:p)
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    Sep 19, 2015
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    Thank you so much for your reply! :)
    Professional's vision is important for our team. Be sure, your view will be considered by StormGS development team. And maybe we'll contact with you for cooperation about this question.
    Thanks once again ;)

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