Grab the Win - Multiplayer, frenetic and so competitive! Game in progress

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    Jan 10, 2018
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    Hello everybody!

    I want to show you our first proyect. We are 7 at the studio and the game have 3 months of development :)

    grab the win - splash 1 low.jpg

    Set in a dystopic world where the mere existence was threatened by a constant warfare status, a powerful detached organization raises, abolishing every warmongering action. To please the common people, they create a brutal sport where almost everything is allowed.

    foro titulo brawlers ind.jpg


    From New Hefest. His original name is unknown, he adopted this nickname when arriving at Sheol. The reason for his desertion is based on his dissatisfaction with his origin, a place where he can not be content with his battle desires. The games have been a place to develop their violent facet and satisfy their desires. The mechanical parts implanted in his time in New Hefest make clear reference to efficiency while the mixed-metal implants parts, built, thanks to scrap metal, reinforces the image of his ruffian appearance. His special abilities are focus on the attack and the stunning of the opponent.

    dagon shooting.jpg

    dagon concept.jpg final turn dagon.jpg


    Born in Neo Zarim. She wanted to become an idol and to promote herself, so she enrolled in the games. Now it's the national idol! and games are her life. She faces her opponents thanks to his favorite gadget, her boots convertible into skates. Lita has helmets to listen to music that also use like a protective helmet. She also has a chip implanted in the right finger with she can shoot to stun her opponents.

    Her speciality is agility / speed.

    lita1 screen holo-2 (1).jpg
    lita concept web.jpg lita final turn.jpg

    SIGRID (Character in development)

    One of Kurgal's most intrepid climbers, she lost an arm while climbing the highest peak during a big blizzard She lost her grip and she fell. she was so damaged that they decided to amputate and get an implant. In the sands he uses his beloved hooks that he perfected in the multiple climbs. She earned the right to represent her nation on the games when she saved the village chief of a mortal fall with her hooks.

    sigrid concept art.jpg


    Different scenarios will be created. They will differentiate between them depending on the nation where
    they are located, giving to the settings the culture and aesthetics of each one.

    So far we have developed the first stage, located in the city Neo Zarim or "city of gadgets: It is distinguished
    at a glance from other cities due to the large number of advertisements in the form of holograms and neons
    decorating large and modern buildings.


    NZ view.jpg


    The players appears when a gate opens: You will have a few seconds to choose the skills that the brawlers will use in the game. At the start of the game, a holographic object (the activator) will spawn at a midpoint between the characters. The first who touch it will activate the chip and will be illuminated. This is the moment when the frenetic race begins, the one who take the control of the bases of the map (Depending on the stage, the number of bases will be modified). The player who has not managed to reach the hologram in the first place, will have to grab the other player to take the light, when he grab the othe player, he could acquire the bases for himself. Using the skills of the brawler and the objects of the stage will decide the victory!

    Right now we are working on the second stage, introducing skills options for each brawler, the objets that will appear on the stage on the gameplay and a lot of improvements.

    Thanks for check out the post, hope you like it!!
  2. MadDjinnGames

    MadDjinnGames New Member

    Jan 10, 2018
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    Here you have the concept/ sketch of the fourth Brawler ;)[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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