Global Mobile Apps in May|Games Between Two Rivals Contribute Million Dollars to Livestreaming's Rev

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    Abstract: There was fierce competition among shopping apps in advertising. Travel apps focused on the industry's recovery

    With the aid of its App Intelligence and other modules, SocialPeta sorted out the top 20 global mobile apps (non-game) by revenue, download, and advertising in May 2022, hoping to be of assistance to more people in the mobile app industry who try to understand the changing trends of global mobile market.

    The overall performance of global apps in May:
    ● Serie A drove the revenue of sports live streaming to soar to over $1 million in revenue in a single day;
    ● [TikTok] had stable downloads, [CapCut] ranked No. 2;
    ● International travel started to heat up and travel apps increased advertising for industry recovery.

    Top 20 by Revenue


    In terms of app revenue, Google's two apps [YouTube] and [Google One] topped the revenue charts of the App Store and Google Play, respectively. Seen from the specific revenue data, the two apps saw different decreases in May, with [YouTube] decreasing by about 30% MoM in revenue.

    Long video apps reported no revenue growth, streaming media also recorded a significant revenue drop. [Disney+] saw a decrease of over 20% MoM in total revenue, [HBO Max] experienced a MoM decrease of about 30% in revenue on the App Store. Though there was little change in the revenue of [Netflix], the app was in a critical situation of slow growth of revenue and severe loss of users and announced the layoffs of 150 employees in May.

    On Google Play, there were 5 apps newly ranked on the Top 20 revenue chart, including social apps [LINE] and [Tango]. Seen from their specific revenue data, the two apps both had a revenue growth of about 5% MoM in May.

    The app that ranked most differently was DAZN, a live sports streaming service from the UK, moving up 10 spots on the App Store chart. The revenue surge was mainly because of the well-known world football competition which brought a sharp increase in revenue on May 9 and May 10. The wonderful competition between A.C. Milan and F.C. Internazionale Milano attracted a record-high number of audiences to pay to watch it, generating over $1.1 million in a single day. Its total revenue increased by 20.5% MoM in May.

    Top 20 by Download


    On the download chart, there was little change to the top apps. [Snapchat], a multimedia photo sharing app, had the biggest change with its downloads, moving up 11 spots to be No. 7 on the download chart, up 47% MoM with about 45% downloads contributed by the US.

    ByteDance's [TikTok] demonstrated a steady performance, while the editing app [CapCut] reported soaring downloads. [CapCut]'s total downloads rose about 29% MoM in May to make the app move up 5 spots on both Android and iOS charts. [TikTok Lite] generated 14.3 million downloads on Google Play, an increase of about 11% MoM.

    There were two apps newly ranked on the download chart in May, which were [Dream by WOMBO], a painting app from Canada, and [Flipkart], a shopping app from India. [Dream by WOMBO] was the last one on the App Store's top 20 chart with its 4.4 million downloads, and it had over 1.9 million MAUs in May.

    Top 20 by Advertising


    Now let's check out the chart of advertising. With the gradual recovery of global travel industry, travel apps started to increase their advertising efforts.

    For example, [CVC: pacotes] moved up 15 spots to be ranked No. 3 on the iOS advertising chart and it was ranked on the Android advertising chart for the first time by occupying the No. 10 spot. Officially released in June 2020, the app had over 57,000 deduplicated creatives on Android and iOS combined in May 2022, with its creatives released mainly in Brazil, Angola, and Portugal.

    The travel app [glimble] is mainly advertised in the US, releasing about 22,000 deduplicated creatives on Android in May.

    There were 7 shopping apps ranked on the top 20 advertising chart in May. Geeko's [Chic Me] topped all shopping apps with its over 58,000 deduplicated creatives on Android and iOS combined, up 39.8% MoM. [SHEIN] had 56,000 deduplicated creatives on Android and iOS combined, up 15.9% MoM, ranking No. 2.

    That's all for the downloads and revenue of mobile apps (non-game) from the App Store and Google Play and the advertising insights into global mobile apps (non-game) in May 2022 by SocialPeta.

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