Game idea: Rise of the Underdog

Discussion in 'Indie Basics' started by HackInTime, Nov 25, 2017.

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  1. HackInTime

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    Nov 25, 2017
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    Now, this is a long, long time off. I have no programming knowledge, no idea of what engine to use, and most importantly, i have school to deal with. But i had a bit of an idea for a game after some recent things i've seen. Here's a copy from a word document i made:

    Potential name: Rise of the Underdog

    Basic idea for the gameplay: A mix of Persona’s school-life simulator and a beat-em-up Metroid-vania, like God of War, or my main inspiration, The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, mixed with CLASSIC Castlevania with the explorative aspects of Symphony of the night and later games.

    Your school life works much how it would in Persona, with the ability to make various decisions about how you live your life, you can make friends for various reasons and use them in your party, even going so far as being able to romance other characters.

    Combat is combo and magic based, all built around using various combos with various types of weapons, including Claws, various types of swords, and more. The main character will largely use Melee weapons, with other characters being able to use magic staves and wands to use magic, various ranged weapons like Guns, bows and more, depending on the character. Each character will use a different type of weapon, and therefore have different skills. The first player always controls the main character- the second player has a choice of any of the party members.

    World: The world is unnamed, and may simply be a future earth. In this world, humans and evolved, anthropomorphic animals mostly live together in society. Yet, the animals aren’t always accepted, much as a person of other ethnicities may not be in the real world.

    Protagonist -Name not decided yet-

    [Male] [14-17 over the course of the game/series] [Anthropomorphic Dog]

    [Traits] Awkward, timid, shy, depressed

    [Story] At his old school, he was bullied for being an anthropomorphic animal. It got to the point where suicide was attempted- yet thankfully, he was able to transfer to another school. He’s awkward, shy and timid.

    *More to come*

    The main character transfers to a new school after being bullied at his old one for being an anthropomorphic animal. He encounters a similar problem at his new school. Over time, strange events begin occurring around the world. Eventually, he finds out that the world is soon going to come to an end, and that he will, for some reason, be the one to rescue it, which he doesn’t believe, on accounts of him, being “useless”, “unwanted” and being an animal, as in, being a savage, not an animal in the literal sense. Eventually, the school gets raided by monsters for reasons unknown, and he discovers what he’s capable of. He gets sucked into doing something to save the school, rescuing the students and teachers before ending the raid. He wakes up in the hospital after collapsing after rescuing the school, where one of the other students is waiting for him to awaken. She congratulates him on helping the school and saving her, before the both of them leave the hospital. She tells him that several schools were attacked, not only theirs. He goes home, and non-stop thinks about the events of the previous days, how they could be connected, why he has to be the one to save the world, why several schools were attacked, and mostly, about the girl he rescued.

    This would be the prologue of the game. The game would stretch over several years in-universe. Over the course of the game, he becomes stronger, more confident, more resistant to what people say about him. He begins to understand why he was chosen to save the world, he begins to understand the scope of his powers. He doesn’t undergo a drastic change in personality or design, but simply becomes a stronger, more confident person.

    Now this is a fraction of everything. I only have one character thought out, a very small start to the story as well as a massive generalisation of the rest of it. This isn't even very well fleshed out. There are several things unexplained, and there seemingly without reason. But fear not- there will be a reason for everything you see here. But i want to know what you all think about the premise of it.

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