Game about a local charity? NEED IDEAS**

Discussion in 'Game Design' started by Spenc, Oct 29, 2018.

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    Oct 29, 2018
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    I am in a rut on how I should approach this game. I have idealess right now what I should make this game about. It is for a school project and I have to make a game about a local charity/organization/ volunteer group. I know I'm coming on here asking a lot, but I'm not the creative type and can come up with ideas such as this. If anyone could give me a idea or even anything that could lead me on the right path o just give me a local social issue for New Brunswick.. I just need something, you'd be a life saver.. literally. Here is a brief description of what he gave me,

    "Use Game Maker to create a game for good (A game designed to improve real lives or raise awareness of real problems) which deals with a social issue inspired by the aims, issues and efforts of a UNB Volunteer Group, Local Charity, or Local Non-profit Group.
    Find a local organization, and make a game about the social issue they deal with, not a game about the charity or group itself."

    "The point is to make a game about a social issue with local relevance."

    Here is a link that gives a short list of some groups and what nots.
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    Here are some ideas:
    • A choose your own adventure dialog-based game where you try to convince a group of kids not to do drugs.
    • A sim-style game where you try to implement new city policies to reduce crime (e.g. implement curfew, start youth organization, etc)
    • Create a "free-to-play" game with micro-transations where 100% of revenue goes to the organization chosen in the game
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    Nice ideas from bantamcitygames there. I don't know what your game making skills are like or if you already use an engine, but Twine would be a good simple option for the first suggestion, which would also technically be the easiest to make in general.

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